If A Tree Falls In The Forest......

By Guest Blogger:

George Berkeley was a smart man, or he took a lot of acid. He opined about objects ceasing to exist, once there was nobody around to perceive them. Or to give a crap.

Which is sort of like what is happening to Paris Hilton.

But like botox or saline, Chief Judge Moreno has intervened to delay, albeit briefly, the inevitable, ruling that there are enough issues in dispute for a trial to begin on June 8:

The judge says one issue is whether Hilton was actually too busy or decided not to promote "Pledge This!" because she hated the movie. Another issue is whether more promotion would have mattered.
Funny guy, our Chief.

I never understood the whole Paris thing. She's...imprecise.

You can see the Judge's order (with your fancy PACER account) here.


  1. Not awful for a second effort. You made it (barely) to first base.

  2. Not awful.....high praise.

  3. I liked Paris Hilton so much better when she was just making s*x tapes. LOL.


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