Gather Round, Children!

And read Middle District of Georgia Judge Clay Land's sanctions order against Ms. Birther, California lawyer Orly Taitz (thanks for posting, Marco!).

I particularly like the way Judge Land handles the recusal motion, which is in part based on an affidavit asserting that Judge Land met personally with US Attorney General Eric Holder in a coffee shop across the street from the courthouse:
In support of this accusation, counsel submits the affidavit of Robert D. Douglas. Mr. Douglas states that on the day of the hearing in the Cook case, he saw in the “coffee shop” across the street from the federal courthouse someone whom he recognized as Eric Holder, the Attorney General. Mr. Douglas’s identification is based upon what he describes as the Attorney General’s “distinguishing features: his trim upper lip mustache, not large of stature and general olive complexion.”
It gets much, much better -- in fact, it's a must-read.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Orly, if you're listening, take this baby to the 11th Circuit.

(You may have to post a bond first).


  1. I wonder, how do people get the Novocain needle that deep in the brain?

    But really SFL, a 43 page document? You're supposed to read it and then distill it down to the juicy bits, and post them here. What do you think you get paid all this money for ;-)

  2. The Justice Cardozo quote:

    [A lawyer is] received into that ancient fellowship for something more than private gain. He [becomes] an officer of the court, and, like the court itself, an instrument or agency to advance the ends of justice.

    This quote makes me want to get up and be a lawyer. Unfortunately, it also makes me want to get up and quit my good paying gig in civil litigation working for silly rich clients with ridiculous claims.

  3. Nice comment 2:07.

    GW, perhaps it will suffice if I point out that Ms. Taitz likens herself to Thurgood Marshall and the fight to end segregation.

  4. "Obama Machine" - classic. Worth reading all 43 pages.

  5. I didn't realize Holder was Greek.


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