It's Here, It's Here, It's Finally Here!!!

Hoo boy I feel like a kid who opened up his Hanukkah present two months early and -- instead of some slacks and a nice belt -- found a bottle of Malaccan gin and Bo Derek holding two glasses and wearing nothing but a smile and some windsurfing gear.

Wow that got a little weird, I better start again.

Blogger extraordinaire Random Pixels (who is a pretty darn good photographer too) was at the Gerald Posner book reading the other night and came across a furry, bespectacled curmudgeon wearing what looks like a umpire outfit stolen from a local South American soccer league.

It turned out to be human, and -- to my unceasing delight and amazement -- Glenn Garvin.

You can tell Bill is an excellent photographer because he actually manages to make his subject look sympathetic and personable, which evidently disproves that old adage about polishing very small objects.

Nice work!


  1. Where is his pocket protector?

  2. He was rejected by a hippie chick 40 years ago and a career was born.

  3. Take a lookie at those slit for eyes and tell me that Glenn does not partake. a better photographer would have captured the pint of ben & jerry's under glenn's chair.

  4. by the look on his face it looks like his hands are busy polishing...

  5. Kenny Rogers. Colonel Sanders.


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