Judges Still Mastering New "Email" Technology.

I was in a pretty surly mood when I came in this morning, what with the continued news of layoffs and terminations -- just this week we had Foley & Lardner, SSD, and the continued reports of drips and drabs at Akerman.

But like they say about the weather in New England, if you don't like it just wait a while:
Faber, elected in 2006, said in his memo that the old system, which would have ignored Arzola’s years on the county bench, was “demeaning” to Arzola. “As a fellow county court judge, it is demeaning to me,” he said.

Circuit Judge Reemberto Diaz fired off a terse response to Faber’s e-mail.

“Mr. Faber: In the past few weeks, I have received three (3) unsolicited e-mails from you. Let me respond in the order they were received:

1. NO. I don’t know an interior decorator to recommend to you;

2. NO. I don’t want to buy comedy tickets from you;

3. NO. I’m not interested in your misguided opinion about the chief judge’s decision.

This is not Craig’s list nor a blog. Have a good day.”
Why was I not copied on this email?

As a matter of fact, I happen to know several fine interior decorators; I am always up for good live stand-up (who was it, btw?); and I would indeed be very interested in Judge Farber's (or "Mr. Farber," I guess) "misguided opinion" on the Chief Judge's decision, interior decorators, comedy tickets or anything else.

And, for the record, this is in fact a blog.

To sum it up, Susannah A. Nesmith's story today is a must-read, filled with small charms at nearly every turn.

For example, there's this from Judge Cuerto, who is upset that he got passed over for criminal court by Judge Arzola:
“I do not want to bring any negative publicity to our branch of government, which is still held in high regard in the community,” he wrote in the e-mail to all judges in the county.
Ok, I think that's a fair statement, but will all these emails help?

At least someone has a sense of humor -- Judge Pineiro, in a nod to Three Stooges fans everywhere, called for the inevitable:
“Alright, I think it is definitely time to resolve this discussion and bring it to a dignified conclusion — one which will make us proud,” he wrote. “I suggest pies (preferably apple) at 10 paces.”
See, this Judge has both an appreciation of classic comedy and an understanding of the limits of email privacy.

Whichever way the pie crumbles, thanks for turning around my morning!


  1. State court is a joke, as is the state court blog. what an embarassment, all of them.

  2. I'm guessing Seinfeld, for what it's worth.

  3. Look, just because I'm gay doesn't mean I'm an interior decorator. Not that I don't sometimes tell people where they can stick their furniture.

  4. Sorry, I was thinking Balki from Beverly Hills Cop -- my bad.

  5. Godwhacker - And just because I am a state court judge does not mean I have to be reactionary, intemperate, daft and exercise poor judgment. Although those qualities appear to be prerequisites for those elected in the last 8 years or so. Plus, we really have nothing on the old school Miami state court judges, who knew how to roll: bribes, fixed cases, gun toting, public drunkenness. I mean, snippy bitchy emails? What, do we have Broward envy?

  6. I take serious exception to your placing bribes and fixed cases in the same league with gun toting and public drunkenness. The later two are the not only a right, but the solemn duty of all public officials. The first two are just sport.

  7. Some of us even know not to put everything in writing and hit "reply all."


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