SFL Friday -- Sand Pebbles Edition

Well kids it's the end of another work week (unless you are working all weekend or don't have a job at all), so I'm flying the coop to catch some late afternoon waves.

One thing I won't be doing is spending two weeks with sand in my shorts (if someone can tell me how to upload docs I could have broken that story with help from a certain Guest Blogger).

And I see John Travolta wants to move his extortion case to Jacksonville.

Good idea, but have you seen Jacksonville?

You know, life is too short to dwell on negative things. You already know my thoughts on a happy marriage, and it's important to spend time on things that matter, like putting your hands on all the right places.

Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. Who can identify the picture? WHO!?

  2. Steve McQueen as Jake Holman

  3. Give that person a cigar.

    NB - McQueen oozes cool.

  4. 5:41: I don't smoke but thank you GB.

  5. Great Friday post!

  6. I've been to Jacksonville. Parts are 'almost' nice. But we've been through the doc upload process before. First we turn them into pictures, then we upload the pics. Just click on the images in the linked window, and you'll see that they are all jpeg files.


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