There Was Another Lawyer Who "Attended" Obama's Fundraiser

You remember how a bunch of South Florida lawyers got together with former law professor President Obama on Miami Beach a few days ago?

Well there was another lawyer there who I forgot to mention, except he was outside demonstrating against the President's visit:
Although the president brought good news to Florida, not every one here welcomed his visit. About 100 people – many of them protestors – assembled outside the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, where the president spoke at the Tuesday evening fundraiser.

"Obama Sucks," read a sign held by a man on the corner of Collins Avenue.

Jose Llerena, 41, a Miami lawyer, was among the largely Cuban, anti-Obama crowd.

“He is one of the most divisive presidents we've had,” Llerena said. “I want this president to know that we don't like him. He doesn't believe in us. I hope he realizes that the Democratic Party is going to have a significant loss in 2010."
I don't know much about Jose, other than he is a labor lawyer who works for Jorge L. Fors and who once worked at George Hartz in the Gables.

He also has a jamming website.

et al et cetera et cetera et al -- interesting marketing strategy.

Also, according to his public Facebook page, Jose shares this message:
Banded together from remote galaxies are 13 of the most sinister villains of all time: The Legion of Dems. Dedicated to a single objective: the Marxist conquest of the US.Only 1 group dares to challenge this intergalactic threat: The Founding Fathers
I'm going to assume (hope?) this is a tongue-in-cheek Star Wars/BG-type parody.

If so, it still needs a little work, but could be a great comic book.

Also Jose doesn't like czars, wants Fidel to die, and is a big fan of Alex Foley.

Really, though, who isn't?


  1. Asshat doesn't capture it.

  2. How come you aren't covering that Fucking outrageous fee request submitted to Moreno?

  3. I wanted to pull the docket; haven't had a chance yet.

  4. Fair 'nuff.

    Great day to be a

  5. $800/an hour on a partial contingency ain't that crazy folks.

  6. There was nothing contingent about that case for the receiver and the attorneys -- the contingency was for the bilked they get a premium -- HA! They get to watch those fuckers drift by on their new big ass yachts while they try to save for retirement by selling waters on the side of the causeway.

  7. 2:34 -- you obviously don't know how receivers and their counsel are paid. Historically (and for very obvious reasons), receivers and their counsel often receiver an incentive fee out of the receivership estate in the event that their is a positive outcome. Such incentive fee encourages good attorneys (who often take these cases on a reduced hourly rate) to take on such cases, thus benefiting the bilked investors and the public at large.

    Otherwise, we would have some ham-and-eggers try to unwrap complex ponzi schemes and recover millions of dollars throught various actions.

    So what is the better result?

    Bad lawyers getting bad results and getting paid accordingly or good lawyer getting great results and being paid accordingly?


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