Are You Ready For Some More Rothstein?

Sheesh, media coverage of our friend Scott Rothstein is reaching almost canoodling beach priest levels -- but without the sexy bikini photos.

Raise your hand if you think Scott is returning today from his sojourn in exotic Morocco.

(tumbleweed blows slowly across vacant western town.....)

Ok, me neither, but this one is far from over.

It's interesting to see Rothstein's 50 percent equity partner Stuart Rosenfelt's public statements about this mess. I like this one from the WSJ:
"Scott was good at spending money, but he wasn't that good," Mr. Rosenfeldt said, alluding to Mr. Rothstein's flamboyant lifestyle.
And this one:
"When I met Scott he was already rich," Mr. Rosenfeldt said. "He told me he made a killing on stock." But, Mr. Rosenfeldt adds, "I now have to examine everything [Mr. Rothstein] told me."
Yep, I would say that's a pretty good idea.

BTW, the photo above is of Scott in his $5k suit.

Is it just me or did he way overpay?

Jim DeFede has more here.

Plus, if you want to see the kind of work product Kendall can put together in a weekend, you can read Coffey's short but (bitter)sweet complaint on behalf of the firm here.


  1. If my client ever tells the judge he took a xanax before testifying, i will go right over to the witness stand an kick him in the vagina

  2. Here's all I'm saying, for those of us in the South Florida legal community, really? really? Did anyone not know what was going on here or I should say that something was? C'mon now, we all knew something was up...ok Rosenfeldt, blah blah blah, he sounds like Bernie Madoff's wife now...Seriously?

  3. Hiring of Nurik = plea

  4. 50% equity partner yet clueless of the firm's business model?

  5. Nurik was a pubic hair away from being indicted in mutual benefits. The guy is a buffoon. Imagine being satisfied taking mikey-boy dutko's crumbs.

    Do you really need to know anything more about his "judgment" that he is repping his partner?

    By forcing a plea, he ensure the US attorney will not move to disqualify him. Corrupt, really, in and of itself.

    Plea for sure. dude has not tried a case - seriously - in 20 years.

    I bet the material of the prison jumpsuit will chafe Scott's fat ass.

  6. Hey 9:30 and 10:28:

    how gullible do you have to be to think that Scott is "just clearing his head out of town" and will promptly return "this week" while his criminal guy negotiates his plea.

    BWAHAHAHA Scott's getting boned in the ass in Fez Morocco like Lord Sebastian Flyte and his teddy bear Aloysius

  7. Don't worry, Scott is safe with me.

  8. Now we know why it was important to Scott that the country he fled to didn't extradite to either the U.S. OR Israel. . . . it looks like Scott scammed a bunch of bearded 'sheeves from the Bush:

  9. @1:30--I carry a mezuah as a weapon

  10. Hey 9:30 and 10:28, I'm the doosh-bag at 10:28 who said Scott was never coming back. My panama hat tastes awful.

  11. $5k for a suit where the arms fit like that? He was definitely ripped off.

  12. Good point.

    And the vest and collar -- oy!


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