A Children's Treasury of Kim Rothstein Photographs!

I'm bored to bits here.

Can someone explain how a lawyer who has accepted voluntary disbarment is still on the 4th DCA JNC and our Governor has "no immediate plans" to remove him?

I also love the ridiculous application he made to the Governor for appointment, preceded and followed by boatloads of cash (was any of it his?):
"I am driven to insure (sic) the integrity of our judiciary,'' Rothstein wrote. "I will accept nothing less than professionalism and integrity.''

Rothstein was a major contributor to Florida's Republican Party and donated to Crist's campaign for attorney general and governor. A photo hanging in Rothstein's law office when the investment scandal broke late last month shows Crist hugging the lawyer with a handwritten note from the governor: "Scott – You're amazing!''

Ivey did not respond to questions about whether the governor's relationship with Rothstein or his political support influenced the appointment. Rothstein's term is up in 2012.

Earlier this month, the Florida Bar removed Rothstein from a Broward County grievance committee that hears complaints against attorneys.

The Best Lawyers in America had included Rothstein in its lawyer referral database since 2005 but removed him on Nov. 4, the day of an FBI raid on Rothstein's office, a spokesman said.

Rothstein touted his inclusion in Best Lawyers in his gubernatorial application. He also noted that he had handled more than 150 jury trials, and he had a "unique insight into the judiciary.''

"I am a confidante (sic) of many members of the judiciary and am called on regularly for counsel,'' Rothstein wrote.

Rothstein listed auto magnate Ed Morse Jr. as one of three character references. Morse's family now says that Rothstein swindled them out of millions.

The governor selected Rothstein and two other attorneys for the commission from a pool of 24 applicants.

At the time, Rothstein, his partner and their immediate families had donated over $200,000 to the Republican Party of Florida, and Rothstein had contributed $8,500 to Crist. Four days after the appointment, Rothstein contributed $140,000 to the GOP.
Once again, the question arises -- how did this man get this far in the South Florida legal community without anyone calling bull@($t?

A middling Broward employment defense lawyer but he claims to have tried 150 jury trials?

Hey, did he mention his $57 million sanctions order before Judge Marra?

Love ya South Florida!!


  1. Love dat Kimmy.

  2. Finally back to Rothstein.

  3. The Gayvernaytor (nice turtleneck) and Scott (nice pimp hat you bloated pig) look like such douches in that first pic.

    Love ya kidz!

  4. Let's have Kimmy TV. 24 hours of Kimmy. Kimmy all the time. Kimmy in the day and Kimmy at night. Kimmy Kimmy Kimmy.

  5. Check out the DailY Pulp for the latest Rothstein hottie- Rothstein had a clohier saleswoman named Sifuentes who may....just may be hotter than the Kimster. Thing is...Sifuentes, like the Kimster just lost her cash cow. Rothstein was ordering a half a mil of suits from Sifuentes a year.

    Sifuentes can be found at a local bar crying into her drink and looking for another cash cow, just like our wonderful kimmy.

  6. I feel bad for her.

  7. WHO? Hottie Kimster or Hottie Sifuentes?

    Meanwhile If I was that guy getting a massage from the Kimster I would be smiling too.

  8. why does Kim always slant her head in pictures? Its as if her brain is slanted and she is overcorrecting.

    All Rothstein, all the time baby.

  9. Big Stu says YESSSS!

  10. Her chin is remarkable.

    Does it have a name?

    Or it's Kim's Chin?

    I bet it...gets in the way.

    I would show her what for.

  11. @4:34

    "I feel bad for her."

    oh man, that's hilatious. good one.

    i can hardly catch my chin.

    i mean breath.

  12. Anyone want odds on who steps up and marries her next?

  13. rude 5:40 rude. She's too good for you.

  14. omg is Sifuentes hot hot hot!!!!

  15. $400,000 commission check?
    When the fat lady sings Andrew.

    BTW my girlfriend is hawter than Kim.

  16. But is she hotter than the goddess of clothes, Sifuentes???

  17. "Can someone explain how a lawyer who has accepted voluntary disbarment is still on the 4th DCA JNC and our Governor has "no immediate plans" to remove him?"

    C'mon, the bearded guv'ner is, right now, as we speak at 7:45 pm, fucked if he does fucked if he doesnt. I think someone might point out that there are non-lawyer civilians on the 4th DNC and that being a lawyer is not a qualification. As soon as scotty's goodbye petition is accepted by the supremes and posted on flabar.org, guv'ner "widestance" will drop him about 5 minutes later in a specially called news conference.

    wanna bet?

  18. said it before, witches chin

  19. Once again, the question arises -- how did this man get this far in the South Florida legal community without anyone calling bull@($t?

    In other, more normal, parts of this country, throwing money around garners one suspicion. In this superficial part of the state, it earns the allegiance of your firm, politicians, and the waitstaff at the Capital Grill, who come up to you and rub your back and say that everything will be alright after you've just taken your best friends for millions.


  20. @4:05--Is is not fair to say every guy sees his wife or girlfriend as the hottest?

  21. The Gayvernaytor in a turtleneck. LMAO!!

  22. @8:19--my wife is hotter than my girlfriend. the missus sucks in bed.

  23. Witch's chin, fake ta-tas, and crazy eyes do a Kimmie make.

    I love my wife. Now SHE'S hot.

  24. I am shocked that the blog does not talk about the contributions to Democrats. THey actually returned more money than the GOP. Either way the guy is a crook. Looks like he can rot in hell for 100 years or so.

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