Do You Want To Own A Piece of Lew Freeman?

Two independent facts confirm in my mind that it's great to be a lawyer -- (1) an apparent lawyer is suing Twitter on behalf of Levi Johnston; and (2) Governor Crist appointed Scott Rothstein to be on the 4th DCA Judicial Nominating Commission.

These are end times, peoples.

Speaking of Scott, no one could be more thrilled by the timing and intensity of the media coverage than The Metaphor Man, Lew Freeman.

While everyone has been busy discussing Scott's gadgets, over-the-top luxury items, and a secretive lair right out of an old Bond movie, Lew has been quietly trying to get things straight.

For example, Freeman dismissed the ill-advised tax suit against the U.S. government.

(Probably should not have filed it in the first place).

And Lew's possessions just went on the auction block, including artwork of W.C. Fields, Groucho Marx, Charlie Chaplin, and George Burns.

You can see an inventory list here.

Now say what you want, but there is no question Lew has much better taste than ole' Scotty boy, who needed to own at least seven overpriced watches.

Lew, on the other hand, had framed Caddyshack and Boston Legal posters and a letter from Sam Ervin.

Score one for Lew!


  1. Hey SFL, big kudos on your rothstein coverage and for running the coolest legal blog. EVAH. This blog is must reading for me and I'm addicted. but the place to be right now is the "comment" section of Bob Norman's Blog at the Broward New Times. There's a ton of of inside baseball being served over there by alot of people in the know. One guy, to prove his bona fides, posted scott's cell phone number. on a lark i called it and got rolled over into scott's voicemail, i think i'm going to make his voicemail message my new ringtone.

  2. Good tip -- no question Bob owns this story and has owned it for a long time.

  3. Good point SFL about serendipity and Lucky Lew. Lew should take whatver money he has that is unfrozen and plunk it down at capital grill for an evergreen rothstein bar tab.

    Btw, Scotty should just "man up" and put the barrel in his mouth.

  4. Anyone know how Scherer cleared up his conflicts and is now suing Rothstein?

  5. Hello its broward. No rules, just right.

    Ethics? Ethics? I don't need no stinking ethics.

    Broward is a fu$#*)g cesspool, and that has been demonstrated in the last 3 years. From the judiciary to the politicians to the business folks. Its a backwater joke.

  6. Stu took your advice.

  7. "You can take the Alaskan out of the trailer park"

    Great quote!

    The guy is looking for easy money and a reality show no doubt.


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