Dwyane Wade Lawsuit Hits Mediation Impasse

Anyone wondering what's up with the suit against Dwyane Wade pending before Judge Marra?

Last we checked, motions related to the proposed deposition of Pat Riley were pending, and the parties were about to conduct a mediation before Bill Hearon.

That was back on September 16.

Well, here's the latest -- the mediation impassed.

In his notice filed on November 2, Hearon advises that after the mediation conference in September, the parties had multiple telephone conferences in an effort to broker a settlement:
No agreements were reached as a result of the mediation conference or the telephone conferences and, as a result, an impasse was declared.
Alright, it's not all that descriptive but it's interesting that the parties were working with the mediator for the last two months to try to get a deal done.

I wonder what the final stumbling block was?


  1. A stipulation that D. Wade would have to re-sign with the Heat. Riley switched sides in his depo to put pressure on D. Wade to re-sign and had the plaintiff try to put it in the settlement.

    No other explanation...HA

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