Good Lord Am I Sick of Scott Rothstein!

How many news cycles can this story dominate?

Scott, this scandal has officially joined the list of Things That I Hate -- in no particular order:

1. Flatbread;
2. The Case That Dare Not Speak Its Name;
3. Any current or former lovers of Drew Barrymore;
4. Metadata;
5. Flavored vodka;
6. Jeremy Piven and/or Brett Ratner;
7. Pesto wraps;
8. Certain Herald TV critics (Glenn was right about V however -- it rocked).

Oh the melodrama:
Rothstein mused that he had three options -- kill himself, live life "on the lam as a fugitive'' or go to prison and risk being killed there because he had made enemies, said the law firm's co-founder, Stuart Rosenfeldt, according to the website. Rosenfeldt talked to Rothstein, urging him to "choose life.''
I bet that's the first time a George Michael T shirt saved a high-powered lawyer from suicide.

Scott seems to possess a perfect storm of characteristics -- talented yet narcissistic, delusions of grandeur, persecution complex, excessive displays of wealth even by South Florida standards, megalomania and a sense that the entire world revolves around him -- in other words, your typical successful South Florida trial lawyer.

Consider the stories coming out -- private elevators, a car fetish, carrying a gun in an ankle holster, blowing $10 million a month.

Indeed, look at the comments section of Bob Norman's "Jewish Avenger" story -- there is definitely something not right about the way Scott engages Norman.

Are there some chemical or other disorders at work here?

Now that he's down, it seems everyone has a negative Rothstein story -- yet some of these folks sat on their feelings or refused to act on them, no?

Roger Stone now says Scott "never added up"; Bill Scherer says "[w]e all wondered where the money came from"; Michael Goldberg says Scott's spending "made no sense." Sunshine Charlie says "I think everybody heard rumors."

My friend Brian Tannebaum wonders how in this recession a firm can go from seven lawyers to seventy and no one questions why or how?

He relates a story of how he drove 40 minutes to meet with Scott for lunch, only to be totally stiffed:
I never met Scott Rothstein. He ducked out a few minutes before our lunch a few years ago. His secretary telling me and his colleague, who set up the lunch: "he went to lunch." There was no further inquiry as we were not entitled to even be standing by his office, an "off-limits" area of the firm. Instead I went to lunch with some other lawyers in the firm who felt they needed to take pity on me for my wasted 40 minute drive, all of them telling me in response to the unprofessional behavior of their king: "I'm not surprised." "That's Scott."
These out-of-control legal types, of which I know many, all have enablers -- those who justify, excuse, or clean up the mess left by the large lives of the bosses they serve, and who not coincidentally benefit from being near to the flame.

Now we know that a seventy lawyer firm, with only two equity partners, really only had one -- as Stuart Rosenfeldt apparently had no signatory authority on certain firm accounts and there is suddenly only $500k left in the firm's operating account.

Judge Streitfeld called Rosenfeldt "clueless" about the firm's finances at a hearing yesterday. Stuart has since invested a large chunk of his own money to keep salaries paid and the firm afloat.

There are lots of victims here, including many many fine lawyers at RRA, but a few of us in the South Florida legal and business communities should probably step up and acknowledge we could have been a bit more proactive on what some apparently suspected all along.


  1. Streitfeld will slice through the b.s. like a hammer, baby.

  2. Not unless being an asshat is a chemical disorder.

  3. Has Nurik set the case down for a change of plea yet?

  4. Sheriff Jenne will get to the bottom of it.

  5. Choose death. That's right, if you're a lying thief who spreads misery throughout the world by f---ing over the people who place their trust in you, the please, do the rest of us a favor.

  6. Amen, Brother. Kind of like everyone putting up with Judge Schwartz at the Third DCA for years and years until finally someone had the courage and decency to say, 'This dude is a rude wack job.'

  7. SFL, he's not crazy or mentally disturbed. He is a crook, a sociopath, and a liar.

  8. I saw him arrive at the feds wearing an 'ironic' fedora.

  9. SFL, why do you hate Jeremy Piven? LOL. My wife loves his character in "Entourage."

  10. I think he looks a lot like a chubbier Alec Balwin.

  11. CC, I admit he is an entertaining actor and great in Entourage.

    It's his off-screen antics that rub me the wrong way.....

  12. "His secretary telling me and his colleague, who set up the lunch: "he went to lunch.""

    Yeah, he went to lunch. Check out the bill YO!

    S12.00 for a large water! JEEZE!!

  13. Not a single person called the Rothstein/Rascal Flatts comparison?

  14. Actually Scott Rothstein seems to favor Chris Penn who sadly is deceased. RIP Chris.,0.jpg

    However his stand in has been looking for work.


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