GrayRobinson Seeks Fees After Removal As Receiver For Alleged Conflict of Interest

Remember that old joke about chutzpah?

Something along those lines may or may not come to mind when reading this motion for fees filed by GrayRobinson in the Middle District.

Even after a contested battle in which Leyza F. Blanco (I like the new picture!) was removed as receiver over an alleged undisclosed conflict of interest, it appears that the firm still seeks to be compensated for the work done on behalf of the receivership.

The firm has, however, taken out all the time related to fighting the conflict of interest issue and has even offered a 20% reduction in fees sought, bringing their request to $122,594.75.

(This one-time only offer will expire if not accepted by 5 p.m Friday; please see terms and conditions for further details.)

BTW -- hope you don't mind, but I have billed .4 for "receipt and review of motion for fees."

Don't worry, I'm willing to take 20 percent off too!

What do you all think -- should the receivership benefit from the legal work done on its behalf before the alleged conflict issue was resolved, or should GrayRobinson suck this one up and move on?


  1. What does this have to do with Scott Rothstein?

  2. If Danny N. don't gots no beef wid it, I gots no beef wid it.

  3. Can't see a judge granting it.

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