Professor Donald Jones Sues ATL!

Anyone remember that old arrest involving UM Law Professor D. Marvin Jones?

The one everyone told me they already knew about and I was such a schmuck for not being clued in?

Yep, that one.

Well as David reports here, and our friend Guest Blogger at MaL does too, the ole' Perfesser has decided to go pro se and sue AboveTheLaw in Miami federal court!

You can read the complaint here, which is pending before Judge Cooke.

ATL's prior coverage on Professor Jones is collected here.

Call me crazy, but this one's easy; I have a feeling you don't even have to go all-Iqbal-chronic to make it fade away.

See, Arlen Specter was right -- Conley v. Gibson works just fine.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled Scott Rothstein programming.

UPDATE: Here's a fantastic analysis of the glaring deficiencies in Professor Jones' complaint by lawyer/blogger Ben Sheffner.


  1. Scott Rothstein was just sighted speeding down I-95 in a old white bronco. Sources say he is accompanied by his Tom James tailor headed for tootsies. In the back seat is his 2 million dollar collection of watches and a white chocolate cheescake.

  2. Professor Jones does not seem to be familiar with a word processor or spell check; Friable?

  3. Iqbal-chronic? You just described yourself SFL. Get help.

  4. Or these miraculous intertubes, it seems.

    I did like the Hustler citation though.

    Guilty as charged, 1:50.

    (The first step is admitting you have a problem.)

  5. @ 1:53, Windsurfing-chronic?

  6. Iqbal? Are you high SFL?

  7. Oh may bad complaint

  8. "Mr. Melon, you shall never, ever pass this class."


  9. That’s right, fri•a•ble—it means “easily crumbled or pulverized” and is synonymous with ‘fragile”—as distinguished from “fried” which describes the mental state of the Complaint’s author when it was penned.

  10. I mean the "expert" on african americans and "people of color" spelled the first african american president's name wrong! that complaint is the most gramatically challenged thing I have ever seen!!!

  11. 2 million sought in damages????


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