Rothstein Scorecard -- Who Represents Who?

Well I hope everyone had a warm, loving, and peaceful Thanksgiving, and is now fighting over deals at Walmart -- that HDTV screen will only be on sale for two more hours!

I wonder if any meaning can be derived by looking at who is representing who in the Rothstein saga.

We know Scottie has loyal Marc Nurik, who recently has been cracking jokes and alternately acting as Scott's public psychologist:
"He did something that, when you think about it, is kind of extraordinary. He goes away to a country that has no extradition treaty with the U.S., reportedly, allegedly has a lot of money at his disposal, and chooses to come back and deal with this … I think because beneath it all, and not withstanding all the things that have been said about him, I believe that he is truly a decent human being, not withstanding flaws. I really do believe he did it out of, a true decent emotion to try to deal with this.''
Again, I have no problem with a public rehabilitation strategy. I just think, in the absence of other positive facts, this strategy is way too premature.

Marc would have you believe at the same time he is denying that Scott is cooperating with the feds and singing like a bird, Rothstein nonetheless has returned to "make everything right." How does that square up?

Rothstein's bankruptcy lawyer is Hinshaw's Michael D. Seese.

I agree with Bob Norman that Bill Scherer's amended complaint is an interesting read but a bit of a mess.

It is 289 pages long and asserts 245 counts. To be honest it reads like a placeholder, an effort to "occupy the field" and get in front of the other civil suits coming down the pike. Somebody at some point definitely needs to edit that thing.

Let's see -- Bob Josefsberg is representing Banyon COO Frank J. Preve -- what could that mean?

Bruce Lehr is representing Big Stu, Fred Haddad has Russ Adler's back, and Neal Sonnett is representing Grant Smith.

Russ even recently appeared in court on behalf of former Judge Seidlin.

It's a small town, huh?


  1. Marc is in over his head.

  2. Best Lawyer in the Bunch? Hands down Bob Josesfberg.

  3. Josepfsberg is so ineffective and unprepared he is a prosecutor's wet dream. He was a has-been, 10 years ago. He is openly mocked as senile in the us attys office. But since he just serves up his clients for slaughter, prosecutors love him.

    You's have to be retarded to hire him. Or from broward

  4. Bungpole - now its obvious you are a totalposeur.

    Bob a clown

  5. He just cuts deals which may be what is needed.

  6. 1:19 you sound jealous he must have beat your ass bad.

  7. Excellent article in today's Sun Sentinel about why this case is going nowhere fast. No one is going to take a plea or get arrested until the government is confident it knows all of the pertinent facts and who is a target or witness. That is at least two months away (I think way much longer). With the amount of money stolen and the possibility of Israeli organized crime involvement, the government has plenty of meat to chew on. Here is a prediction: Rothstein will not be the first to go down. Expect one or two secondary players to cop a plea soon and take down some big names with them. Those fingered will be running to the US Attorney to make thier own deals and bring down others. No indictments will issue soon no one will know who is saying what about whom. The FBI will collect hundreds of 302's and cross check each story with the reams of documents it has just begun to collect. The real challenge is not to nail Rothstein. He is history. The big story is who above him and beneath him is going to take a hit. I have a feeling indictments will not start hitting the courts until March or April.

  8. Ask Frank Quintero how bad a lawyer Josesfberg is. Or AUSA Paul Pelitier- the prince of fucking darkness of federal prosecutors.

    Josesfberg saved Quintero's butt- walked him in a serious federal case, and saved his law license to boot. I'd hire him.

  9. I love when Rump steps in here and does his thing. Great analysis by STL too.

    I'm more worried about Tiger getting into an accident at 2:30 in the morning? Leaving his own home? Driving himself?

  10. I'd hire Markus and I don't know the first thing about him except he walked that guilty as sin pill pushing doctor scott free and then got his attorneys fees paid for to boot.

  11. state hack likes fed hack

  12. Rumpole - you pretty much affirm the sentiment of the earlier comments about josefsberg, albiet you are unaware you have done so. Frankie-boy Quintero's trial was a decade ago, and bobbie j has done nothing since. His performance in that trial was painful to watch, even for quintero. And, like forest gump, you correctly point out the reason bon "won": the prosecutor was so arrogant, so obnoxious, and so horrible before the jury that it hated him. Quintero would have been acquitted with you representing him.

    So take your lips off bobby j's buttocks and run along and prepare for your monday morning state court traffic ticket plea practice, hm?

  13. Wow, that's great news that neal sonnet is in the case! I wasn't aware he was still practicing. I will buy him a scotch next time I see him at sally russell's.

  14. 1pm- well here's the difference between, Josefsberg, me and you- he and I have tried and won criminal cases in federal court. You've just sat in the gallery and said "boy, I wish someone would hire me so I could do that. It looks so easy...."

    It isn't easy 1pm. I could explain it to you, but it would take a while and I'm sure there's a Green Acres rerun you have your eyes on.


  15. Bunghole-tooting your own horn is a clear sign you are a putz. Seriously.

    You lose. And, you have no idea what your talking about

    Stick to the blog traffic ticket boy.


  16. Rumpole,

    Shouldn't you be preparing for all your complex federal trials, instead of blogging about foorball ot copying the format of this blog?

    Stop claiming you're a trial lawyer with a real practice. We love you for who you are!

  17. The josefsberg comments are completely off.

    He has the very rare combination of brilliant intellect and superior common sense. Just because he pleads out cases that should be pled, and gets great deals does not mean he can't try a case.

    Sadly, Josefberg has pissed off some in the local criminal defense bar because he believes everybody is entitled to counsel....including prosecutors then they have trouble.

  18. that's silly. even lawless, lying rogue prosecutors who fabricate evidence and ignore ethics deserve a defense on their way to disbarment. and i'm all for them hiring a lawyer who will help them dig their grave. i thinks its a delicious irony.

    but even bob has confessed he's in over his head on that one.

  19. I am in favor of rouge prosecutors being disbarred and has been an ongoing disgrace that they suffer no reprecussions for ethical lapses that are highlighted by the 11th, but then found only to be "harmless error."

    I believe any prosecutor who is found to have been responsible for a Brady or Giglio violation (for failing to turn over something in thier file as opposed to in the possession of some A-hole DEA or ICE agent), shoud be suspended for 90 days the first violation and disbarred the second.

    But, this criticism of Josefsberg is a direct result of his representation of prosecutors in this matter. It is ugly and unwaranted. Criticize the prosecutors, not their attorney. That mistake is a common error amoung unethical prosecutors who identify criminal defense attorneys with thier clients. It is narrow minded and a terrible mind set. Rise above it!

  20. You are taking the bait and going down the rabbit hole.

    Josefsberg is a charming but doddering old man who needs to hang it up. It has nothing to do with the diversion of some silly case. He is trading off a long ago earned reputation. I am working cases with him. He is dangerous to his clients.

    He is a nice man. I have no more emnity for him than for any defense lawyer who is (now) incompetent , to the detriment of his client.

    That's the irony. Bunghole rushes to his defense while railing against former prosecutors who screw their clients as "defense" lawyers.

    What bob does now, is the same.

    He should step aside


    I'm Blue! Are You Blue?

  22. once again a reputation and connections trump merit and skills, it is Rothstein all over again

  23. Wow, nice Turkey Day love.

    I know Bob from the civil side, and I don't see any of negative traits some of you are talking about.


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