SFL Friday -- Free Scott Rothstein!!

Brian Tannebaum points out that there's not a single lawyer in South Florida who has stepped up to vouch for the character or personal integrity of Scott Rothstein.

Think about that.

Amid all the near-constant chatter in the South Florida legal community I've not bumped into a single judge or lawyer (let alone a client) who has said -- "hold on, let's see what the evidence is. That's not the Scotty I know."

Even Bill Scherer, who just a year ago was retaining Scott's firm to be his lawyer ("[t]hat should tell you something") is now assembling lawsuits on behalf of investors.

And this is absolutely the wrong time to be a lawyer in trouble in South Florida. Between judicial fundraisers, receptions, seminars, lunches, bar events, picnics etc. there is virtually no time to do anything other than continually meet with the same judges and lawyers and discuss -- what else -- Scott Rothstein.

When I wrote back in September about Scott's personal obsession with associate facial hair, I suspected the reason he offered for this bizarre management characteristic to be contrived and oh too convenient -- an "unnamed retired federal judge" who appeared to be a prop in some apocryphal Scott Rothstein anecdote about how obsessing over associate hair growth is a good thing:

Rothstein, who teaches law at Nova Southeastern University, recalls the first time he saw style become an issue in court.

"I'll never forget walking into the courtroom of a now-retired federal judge here in South Florida. And opposing counsel came in and the first words out of the judge's mouth were to ask the other attorney why his shoes were so scuffed and dirty. It's for reasons like that that I `politely terrorize' the lawyers in my firm.''

What the hail is he talking about? What judge could this possibly be? You're lucky to even be in front of a federal judge for a hearing, and yet this judge is going to spend that time discussing the cleanliness level of a lawyer's shoes? I suppose it's possible but it seems pretty unlikely.

Of course now everybody has pretty much concluded Scott was a serial albeit creative liar.

Oh hail I'm shutting things down and hitting the surf, kids. In honor of Scott I am bringing seventeen expensive waterproof watches, the usual surveillance equipment I always go windsurfing with, and something special -- a solid gold ankle-holstered Derringer, the kind Burl Ives wore in that great noir Western, Day of the Outlaw.

Perhaps Big Burl is where Scott got the inspiration?

(Mine is strictly for recreational use only btw -- if you use it right.)

In the meantime folks, eat lots of cupcakes but still watch your diet and get lots of rest, and put your hands on something exceptionally worthwhile -- life is too precious to waste.

Have a nice weekend everybody!


  1. Nice catch on Scherer.

  2. I'll speak up for Scott. He's a hell of a guy. Hey! What's with those links??

  3. 5:41 -- What's with the links?

    You don't think people come here for objective information and informed discussion, do you?

  4. Anywhere else Scott would be a cartoon.

    In South Fla., he fits right in.

    On the subject of federal judges and footwear, I remember a female US marshal telling me years ago that she was scolded by a judge for wearing open-toed shoes in the courtroom.

    Go figure.

  5. Yet another massive South Florida joke.

  6. Just say SHUMIE TIME

  7. Whether scottie borrowed the story from those of us who try cases and litigate in court or once attended court I don't know. But lenore nesbitt (RIP) regularly commented on the sartorial elegance or inelegance of lawyers appearing before her. Including their shoes. Sometime lawyers won, because of their consservative and simple yet smart attire.

    Lenore was a lady

    And tough as shit

  8. I agree with you on Judge Nesbitt especially as to women lawyers. Or maybe he got it from My Cousin Vinny.

  9. It goes to show how bad Nova is that nobody feels the need to comment on scotts province...why kick a school before it gets up?

  10. It goes to show how bad Nova is that nobody feels the need to comment on scotts province...why kick a school before it gets up?

  11. he said "brian tannenbaum"


  12. Speaking of shoes, I remember Frank Sinatra once offered some sage advice to a young man about impressing a woman: never ever wear brown shoes with a blue suit at night. Never!

  13. Bankers, lawyers...who else stinks!

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