SFL Friday -- Hitting The Curves Weekend

Well it's been an eventful week in the South Florida law biz, and those of you who do not yet have "Rothstein fatigue" soon will before this is all done.

If you've wondered what it must be like to be a lawyer trying to service clients in that s*@tstorm, take a look at this emergency motion for enlargement filed by Steve Lippman and Riley Cirulnick in the case I covered earlier (in which lead counsel is none other than Scott W. Rothstein).

These poor schnooks have all kinds of deadlines coming up, and basically just throw themselves on the mercy of Judge Cooke:
3. On November 3, 2009, a receiver was appointed for Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler (“RRA”), counsel for plaintiffs and third-party defendant, due to its dire financial condition. Additionally, a search by law enforcement shut down RRA’s computers for 3 days last week. RRA’s account with Westlaw has been suspended, thus making any legal research a difficult task. Numerous personnel have already left RRA and it is anticipated that additional employees will depart in the near future.

4. Despite these obstacles, the undersigned attorneys remain working and have continued to diligently attempt to represent their clients, including the plaintiffs and Ebway in this action, to the best of their ability despite these incredible unforeseen circumstances. It is anticipated that counsel will have to relocate their practice in the immediate future on an expedited basis. In light of these factors, it is simply impractical to comply with the present deadlines. The depositions which remain to be completed require travel to Michigan. Plaintiffs and third-party defendant have sought to schedule the depositions they desire to take within the existing discovery deadline but GFM refuses to schedule those depositions because GFM personnel are out of town on a business trip during the days requested (which are the only days left before the deadline to do so). Alternatively, plaintiffs and third party defendant have proposed a schedule (also taking into account the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday) to complete the remaining depositions that all of the parties desire to take and to provide additional information requested in GFM Corporation’s Motion to Strike Expert Witness for Failure to Comply With Disclosure Requirements [D.E. 140]. GFM’s counsel has expressed a willingness to accept this proposed schedule, but to do so would require an extension of the discovery deadline until December 4, 2009. For these reasons, it is respectfully requested (with humility and a plea for compassion) that this Court enlarge the time through and including November 23, 2009, to response to the Motion for Summary Judgment and until December 4, 2009, to complete discovery.
It's pretty incredible that under these circumstances opposing counsel did not readily agree to this request or something like it.

Kids, your assignment this weekend is to be kind to others, try not to lie through your teeth, and don't be such an ostentatious jackarse if you can avoid it.

Me I'm heading out early to windsurf and thank my blessings.

And my interview request is pending (flirtatious emails are always a nice way to start btw).

As usual I'm excited by new technology, plan to make lots of eye contact, and am thrilled that curves are finally in.

And remember -- there are right and wrong ways to give back and if your way involves a huge oversized check and some blowout party at Bova Prime you probably ought to reconsider.

Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. The stain grows....


  2. SHUMIE CALLED. Dinner on the boat, date with Kimmie.

  3. memo to the dick who wouldn't agree to the enlargement of time (and thought it might be of an advantage to you measly client): fugg u.
    that is all.

  4. "I'm a lunatic about money. Debra Villegas handles all my finances."


  5. Cooke is the greatest...she will grant the motion without response.

  6. Sounds to me like opposing counsel did agree, but since it's federal court, they still have to file a motion - federal court deadlines can't be extended by agreement of counsel, as we all know.

  7. I don't have it in front of me, but I thought the motion states they conferred but could not agree on the relief requested. I will check when I can.

  8. Take a look at the docket. Not only did opposing counsel not agree to the enlargement but they filed a response in opposition. It looks like somebody should remind the fine folks at Ruden McClosky how to play nice in the sandbox.

  9. Not right. Sad about Judge Rivkin.

  10. I checked and they did oppose, basically arguing that the deadline has been out there since April and it's their fault they didn't schedule the depos months ago.

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