SFL Friday -- "Mad Men" And Scott Rothstein

To paraphrase Mark Harris, it seems that Scott Rothstein continues to rule our world.

Here's the latest:

1. Bill Scherer sues the firm he used to retain for collection matters.

Marc Nurik's reaction -- "This is the first I'm hearing of it."

(Check out the email Bob Norman dredged up).

2. Judge Stettin says October was a banner month for the firm, with hundreds of millions moving through RRA accounts.

3. RRA is down from 167 employees to 14.

Who are the lucky ones, those that are gone or those that are still there?

(I hope Brianne Strohsahl has found a nice new home).

4. Romina Sifuentes has not yet "friended" me on Facebook.

Is that any way to start a relationship?

But that's ok.

I've decided to employ these dating tips from 'Mad Men' (note, I am not making this up):
Keep heavy (borderline uncomfortable) eye contact. Speak when only there is little alternative. Learn to say things that are vague. Answer a woman’s question with a question. Make every action deliberate and noticeable, almost in slow motion. Talk in short sentences. Don’t say too much. Don’t give away too much.
Right -- there's no better way to a woman's heart than to act like a brooding, moody psychotic.

Cigar lovers, take note -- Tatuaje, a brand rolled here in Miami and named the hottest cigar in America, has settled its trademark suit with the makers of Montecristo over its use of the fleur-de-lis.

The suit was pending before Judge Moreno and you can read the complaint here.

Speaking of which, another day another $300 million South Florida tobacco verdict.

Well kids, it's that time again and I have some afternoon windsurfing ahead of me to kickstart my weekend.

Remember kids to put a little alcohol on your lips, keep your mishpucha away from this Rabbi, and if you are collecting disability benefits stay the hail off of TV.

Money never sleeps KIDZZZZ


  1. I want Romina SifuentesNovember 20, 2009 at 4:24 PM

    I just got an email from Scott asking me to fund the 300 million tobacco verdict because the plaintiffs were ill and wanted their money now.

    "Fund 165 million
    ROI:140 million
    7 months
    Money never sleeps mothafuka and neither do kimmy or I. Love ya Kidz.
    Scott Rothstein "

  2. I'm giving Brianne the silent treatment.

  3. CALLING THE SHUMIE. Put 4 in, taking 10 out.

  4. As a fifty percent equity partner how much did Stu think the firm was making? Who was their accountant?

  5. Tatuaje cigars FTW! Although there's nothing wrong with the Don Pepin line, either.

  6. Anybody got a line on what Bar(s) the Kimster will be prowling tonight? I wanna bag me a Kimme!!!

  7. You guys with these comments on Kim Rothstein are all jerks!!!!

  8. I hope the Fuckers who invested in the scheme to shake down cheating husbands by threatening to depose their wives and daughters lose every fucking penny. Scumbags.

  9. The way they treated women, SCUM.

  10. a putz SFL, a putz.

  11. Mad Men is the best TV show since the Sopranos. There is a reason that is as simple as it is troubling, at least for people who thought human nature changed permanently circa 1968. Women like men who act like men. It matters not if you are an ad exec, mobster, lawyer, or serve coffee at Starbucks. Don't overdo it and be a jerk. But work hard, support your family, and most important of all, choose your vices carefully. Scotch, women, and cigars are musts. The no nos? Shrinks, drugs, decaf coffee, and walking around the office dressed like you are visiting your in laws on a Sunday afternoon. And remember, Saturday mornings are not for vacuuming, laundry, or communicating with your spouse. Rather, use the time to play golf and recover from your drinking binge the night before. And you are not a real man unless you spend at least three Saturday nights a year sleeping in the back of your SUV with your golf clubs.

  12. Just for the sake of it
    make sure you're always frowning
    (Angst! Angst! Angst!)
    It shows the world
    that you've got substance and depth
    You know life
    is an impossible scheme
    and love
    an imperceptible dream

    (That's what you got
    That's what you get)

    Is is and isn't isn't
    Is is and isn't isn't

  13. I miss the Kimster.

  14. GG is jealous of Kimme. Waz a matter, did you get a papercut, while Kimme was getting her nails done?


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