Sympathy For Scott Rothstein

Let me tell you what -- if I have to write another post about Scott Rothstein I'm going to wire $16 million to Morocco, hop on a G-5, and drop a dime on Charlie Crist.

So now the circular firing squad is forming, led perhaps by Mark Raymond:

Mark F. Raymond, an attorney who specializes in securities litigation at Broad and Cassel, said one investor told him that Rosenfeldt was at an initial meeting in March 2009, at which Rothstein explained structured settlements.

Rosenfeldt disputed that account.

"I never met with any of the settlement funding investors where such business was discussed,'' he said in an e-mail.

Raymond also said that David Boden, an attorney who worked out of the law office on Rothstein's investment dealings, was at the March meeting. "He was the point person for Rothstein on structured settlements,'' he said.

Picking up on my comments from yesterday, Fred Grimm puts it more bluntly and (even throws in a Woody Allen joke):
"I'm no genius,'' he said. ``I'm just an ordinary guy.'' But Sakowitz recognized fundamental flaws that should have been obvious to the lawyers, investors and politicians hovering around Rothstein. But they were in the same fix as the fellow in the old Woody Allen joke whose brother thought he was a chicken. He knew his brother was insane but he needed the eggs.
I'm willing to believe Stu, but does anyone know who is representing him personally? I'm not sure he's coming off that good:
"I didn't know I had control over the distribution of the [investment] funds,'' he added. ``I don't know if that letter is real. I don't know if he communicated with [the bank] about my authority. I was a signatory on a host of accounts.''
I shot the clerk???

Stuart, stop talking so much. You need to cease making statements to the press and retain a very good lawyer to help sort this out -- someone like this guy.


  1. This story has great legs . . . pass the popcorn and down in front.

    What a total piece of shit Rothstein is ratting out his friends. Like him or not, Bernie at least had enough class to take the fall all by himself. Looks like the "Jewish Avenger" was such a fraud he doesn't even know the meaning of "mensch".

  2. He can't even flee properly.

  3. SFL - Love the recommendation for Markus...agree, Markus would be a great choice --

    But really...he may need a more influential (only slightly) advocate to get through this one:

  4. @9:25 ~ "Bernie at least had enough class to take the fall all by himself."

    So 'honor among thieves' is a virtue, is it? A 'mensch' is a person of honor and integrity. How can that apply in any context to these players? No wonder this country is so fucked.

    Meanwhile, speaking of Governor Closest-Case, and his probable successor, I came across this little nugget while browsing the web last week. Apparently Crist, along with the leading contenders to replace him (Bill McCollum & Alex Sink) lost 250 million for the state pension fund in a failed NY real estate deal.

    Funny how that works; fail big = get a promotion!

  5. Yeah, David doesn't really have a lot of juice. He is regarded as the impetuous up and comer. This guy needs someone like Bob Josephsberg or Neal Sonnett. Those guys can really get it done.

  6. What an "Arroz con Mango"...

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  9. Jason You Fraud,

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  11. Doug you are a complete fool.

  12. WTF with the traffic ticket bs? By the way, tell that Stuart guy to STFU!

  13. 10:58, Doug you are an idiot.

  14. Doug Johnson, you are an incredible tool.

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  16. Traffic Ticket Team attorney Jason Diamond lies to the public, and has been SUSPENDED and disciplined at least THREE TIMES BY THE FLORIDA BAR. He then has the gall to say he is on an ethics committee.

  17. "Only two years ago, the Florida Bar appointed Rothstein as vice chairman of a grievance committee that hears ethics and other complaints"--Tampa Bay paper.

    Florida Bar=Sewer. Hopefully the feds are running several dozen active taps that ought to yield at least a few dozen arrests.

  18. I think they should investigate Carol Solomon's trust account next

    You never know what you might find. I am going to request that the Florida Bar do so

  19. Broward Needs ChangeDecember 2, 2009 at 9:13 PM

    This lawyer needs to be investigated.

    The Florida bar needs to put a task force in place, down here

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