"A Town Full of Thieves"

That's Scotty talking to the press again:
I had a couple of brief exchanges with Scott Rothstein today. Most of it I'll have to bleep out.

Suffice to say Rothstein had some ideas on what we could do in our spare time, rather than trying to interview his family members.

He was objecting to questions about his wife, Kimberly Ann Wendell Rothstein. She's been silent throughout this ordeal. Her bodyguard, Joe "Meatballs'' Alu (I got the nickname from his voice message), said she's a very private person, and doesn't want to talk. She is reportedly still living in the house on Isla Bahia, but federal authorities took the yacht, most of the cars, and even her jewelry, in the wake of accusations her husband was running a Ponzi scheme.

This part is intriguing:
“You’re in a town full of thieves, and at the end of the day, everyone will see. I’ll leave it at that.’’
Meanwhile, lobbyist-turned-Senator LeMieux just doesn't understand how Scotty made all that money he kept donating to the GOP:
"I’ve talked to him and know him," LeMieux, who ran a competing law firm, said last week. "I never understood how he was so successful, but I wasn’t the kind of person to try to pull down others. I just hope for the best and was always optimistic about him as I am about everybody and thought there must be some other way he is making his money."
I agree with the Senator -- case closed!

Kinda weird how Scotty got invited to the Senator's swearing-in ceremony. Some people are lucky I guess.

You want to see where some of the money went, take a look at Kim's $100k in political donations for 2008 (made under her maiden name) -- McCain/Palin, Senator Martinez, Rudy Giuliani....hey, what's Bill Richardson doing in there?


  1. Charlie looks great in that picture.

  2. He is a socipath. Everyone else is at fault. He was just doing the same thing.

  3. prefer the tie-dyes

  4. little known fact: scott borrowed a bolt of cloth from my victorian mansion drapes for that blue "tuxedo"

  5. fake Romina SifuentesNovember 24, 2009 at 1:34 PM

    That's my color blue!

  6. The Captain Reports:

    House Rep & Trial Lawyer heckeled by Republicans ......

    This was more appropriate for you civil lawyers, so here it is:

    WASHINGTON, D.C. -- A short but fiery speech made on the floor of the House of Representatives has raised the hopes of patient safety advocates across the nation.

    Rep. Bruce Braley, a second-term Democrat from Iowa, gave a last-minute speech about medical errors moments before the House voted on the health reform bill earlier this month.

    "Who will speak for the patients?" Braley said in his House speech as Republicans jeered him. He quoted an Institute of Medicine report, saying, "They told us the most significant way to reduce the cost of medical malpractice is to emphasize patient safety by reducing the number of preventable medical errors."

    Braley, 52, a trial lawyer who specializes in malpractice, said he had two minutes to prepare his speech. As he spoke, he was taunted by Republicans shouting "trial lawyer."

    Read it all here:


    Cap Out .....

  7. Thanks Captain!

    Sounds more like the House of Lords than Congress.

  8. Mrs. Kimberly Ann______. Has a nice ring to it.

    Kimmy won't need any bodyguards with me. I know how to keep that body safe. That lovely, lithe, blonde body....sigh.

  9. NEW POST!!!!!!!

    I AM JONESING!!!!!!!!!


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