Why Don't You Do Right?

That's just wrong wrong wrong.


  1. why do the fat slobs always get the hot girl?
    why do the fat slobs then cheat on the hot girl?
    why do hot girls go for fat slobs?

  2. Best reader comment from link--

    Dan Marino, strippers and Orthodox Jews!!!!
    My God, next thing you know it's gonna be Pee Wee Herman, gerbils and Muslims.
    Like this ain't news anymore, Bob.
    It's f*cking slapstick.

  3. Scott you're a pig.

  4. Mr. Why-- Its all about the Benjamins.

  5. Even Mr. Flash knows better than to treat a woman that way. It's not the size of the yacht it's the motion of the ocean.

  6. Scott Rothstein is a RENEGADE- over on Rumpole's blog. LMAO. It was only a matter of time before one of you thought of this and old Rumpy beat you to the punch.

  7. affirming that He and I think alike, www.menagealaw.com.

    we didnt even call each other to coordinate.

  8. Listen up and I'm gonna learn ya something. I only say this once cause after that If it need repeatin then I got guys for that.

    Kimmey is my girl. I own the Valet service at the club she was at and she was and is my girl. Then that
    Tub-o-Torts came along and well- let me say Kimmey was the best I ever seen at hustlin $500 tips. So when this whale showed up we agreed it was our shot. And we took it.

    And now he's toast and she's back wit me where she belongs. We cleared a coupla mill out of this- not too bad a take .
    So youse calm down wit the Kimmey talk because shes back wit me and you don't want me looking for you.

  9. Let me whip out my sundial to confirm but i think I remember getting a lap dance in Pure Platinum from the woman holding her breasts in the picture, circa 2006. . . is that kmmie? If it is, ill be proud to let you know it was followed up by a rub and a tug in the "shom pag nay" room.

  10. Kirk to Scottie-
    The holding facility for Broward Federal Prisoners is the Broward County Jail and last I checked they don't allow inmates to smoke cigars at the BCJ.

  11. The state hack has been stealing for months, no surprises there.

  12. love the witches chin


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