Buju Banton Hires David Oscar Markus!

Jailed Jamaican reggae star Buju Banton has hired none other than our own Mr. Markus:

Tracii McGregor, president of Banton's Gargamel Music Incorporated, is quoted as telling the CaribWorldNews.com website

: "We're going to get him the top legal representation there is. We are ready to fight."

Last weekend, BET News said Marcus will lead the team to get Banton off charges of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute just over five kilograms of cocaine. He was arrested by Drug Enforcement Administration officers on December 10 in Sarasota, Florida, and charged one week later in a Miami court.

The singjay is best known for the 1995 album, Til Shiloh, and songs like Deportee, Untold Stories and Murderer. He is facing a lengthy prison term if convicted.

Among top 40 under 40

The 36-year-old Markus is a graduate of the Harvard Law School and has been involved in several high-profile cases. His success rate has earned him recognition from respected publications such as the National Law Review, which named him among the Top 40 Litigators Under 40 in the United States.

Since 2007, Markus has been cited as one of the US's leading criminal defence lawyers. Among his clients were Gilberto and Miguel Rodriquez-Orejuela, brothers and alleged founders of the infamous Cali Cartel which operated a multibillion-dollar cocaine trade in Colombia during the1970s and 1980s.

In February, he successfully represented Dr Ali Shaygan who was charged with 141 counts of illegally selling pain medication. Shaygan was acquitted of all charges, and he and his lawyers awarded damages of US$600,000.

What nice press!

Let me say this -- if Markus gets Banton off I for one will lead the smoke-filled victory parade right down the main streets of Kingston (ok, Hedonism III but it's the same sentiment).


  1. "if Markus gets Banton off I for one will lead the smoke-filled victory parade right down the main streets of Kingston"

    SFL, do you realize that Buju Banton is three steps north of George Metcalf on the homophobia scale, openly advocating the coolness of torturing and murdering homosexuals?

    I totally support the repeal of all drug prohibition laws, but in the meantime I hope this asshole gets a long and hard prison sentence, if you get my drift.

  2. Everyone is entitled to a defense, even homophobes.

  3. Right, even Hermann Göring & Rudolf Hess deserved fair trials and a vigorous defense. But if they got off, I wouldn't be leading any parade.

  4. I know it's a fair point, but what really amazes me is the degree of double standards and disassociation, not just here, but throughout modern culture with regards to bigotry, anti-Semitism, and homophobia.

    I submit that if this guy advocated the murder and torture of Jews, he would be rightfully regarded as a pariah. But advocate the very same thing against homosexuals, and it's really no big deal... a curiosity of sorts. Ha ha, no big deal, on with the day and all...

    We have all been desensitized, and in that loss of sensitivity we have lost our humanity. Well, not 'we'. I'm outraged and disgusted.

  5. whackadouche, the post is about the lawyer not the client. We represent people accused of heinous crimes every day, it's our job.

  6. @Anusomos

    Is it your job to lead parades too? What a bargain you must be.

  7. Easy now, if this keeps up I'm calling in George L. Metcalfe to settle this dispute -- with God's love of course.

    BTW, I like homophobes, bigots, and especially anti-semites -- they validate my already jaded world view.

  8. he called you whackadouche!

  9. And I called him/her/it "Anusomos ". Bring 'em on, bring 'em all on -- Anusomos, Metcalf, and his non-existent busy-body god. Then just step back and give the man some 'whacking space.

  10. How long does Buju have to be held to lyrics he sang OVER 10 YEARS AGO...get over it

  11. Prison fi di General !!! Bun out Kokane ! No deal wit dis ! innocent or not ...Buju still deal wit di white ! Fyah Judgment !

  12. What's the difference btwn this case & T.I.'s???

    CS= Confidential Source...Paid Gov't Informant...Google Buju Banton Affidavit...(a guy he met on a flight from Spain to Miami who pestered him to meet up until he did that fateful day)

    I smell a JUDAS>>>>
    "Conspiracy"...hmmm?? why doesn't the "Media" use a better word like "Entrapment" ....open your ears and "listen" not hear...open your eyes and "envision" not see, then your mind will be set FREE..
    Babylon release di chain & dem use dem Brain..."Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind......." ~BOB MARLEY

    Madam & Eve or Adam & Steve?...I guess only GOD can judge you...Who has the right to crucify whom??

    Question: What is SIN?

    Let the discussions begin!

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