Details of the Rothstein Auction

Save your money folks, there are bargains to be had at the Scott Rothstein/RRA auction to be held January 23rd in Tamarac.

Barring a late Marc Nurik photo grab, here are a variety of crappy and tasteless items you Rothstein junkies can bid on.

Wow, what schlock.

Wait a minute Scotty, a signed and framed Jay Fiedler jersey?

Jay Fiedler?

Ok, Jay's a nice Jewish boy and all, but so is Sage Rosenfels, you see what I'm saying?


  1. No one outbids Marc Nurik. The photos will be his.

  2. Shumie de la Shum.

  3. Dude, that's it? That isn't too much stuff. Where's the beef?

  4. It's the type of crappy sports memorabilia you find at silent auctions and you give to your kid or put up in your den.


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  7. I remember that read recently about a original shirt for a football player that was passing to a guy in france, the shirt cost 7500 euros and the guys of the house destroy thinking it was a fake O___o

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