Hey, I'm Just a Sociologist!

Kyle Munzenreider over at Riptide highlights an interesting interview from the Palm Beach Post with Palm Beach County circuit judge Krista Marx, who has some....intriguing theories on how crime is moving north from Miami-Dade County, like a "red tide":
After nearly 25 years in the criminal justice system and 11 years on the bench, Marx has developed a few macro theories, primarily that crime is a sort of reverse evolution, and, in terms of Florida, it is inexorably moving northward from Miami-Dade like red tide.

"We have crime in Palm Beach County, but not on the scary level of Miami-Dade; we have corruption in Palm Beach County, but not on the bench. ... Eventually, we'll be like Miami-Dade, and that's because we live in paradise and everybody wants to live here -- including criminals."
Maybe we could put up a fence, to keep the undesirables out?

To be fair, many of her comments, particularly as to upholding the Constitution and the presumption of innocence, and the reality that our system requires that some guilty people walk free -- and antiquated perceptions of women judges -- are insightful and even admirable.

But "reverse evolution" I'm not so sure about.


  1. Will the last American to leave Dade County please turn out the lights

  2. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  3. i've never seen her in person and i don't know if they airbrushed her mug, nonetheless, i'd hit it.

  4. It was inevitable someone would go there, 9:12.

  5. 9:12 am - ditto

    nice rack, eh?

    hey! cut me some slack! i'm from dade.

  6. last time i checked most of the crooks were already in Broward & WPB. How many Broward politicians have hit the news lately? And RRA? Need i say more?

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