Julie Kay Breaks Genuine Rothstein News

Here it is in a nutshell:
Rothstein and Stuart Rosenfeldt worked for the law firm Phillips Eisinger Koss Rosenfeldt & Rothstein in Hollywood before launching their own firm in February 2002. Rosenfeldt worked there for eight years and Rothstein for nearly three.

Gary Phillips, former managing partner of the Hollywood firm, said he and his partners asked Rothstein to leave after learning he had lied to a client about filing a complaint and an emergency motion for injunctive relief. The client called Phillips to discuss the motions.

“I went to look at the file and found there was no file,” Phillips said. “He told the client he had already filed these motions. We were very upset. I pushed to get rid of [Rothstein] after that.”

Phillips wound up taking over the case and filing the motions himself, and asked Rothstein to leave “within a short period,” he said. Phillips said he did not report Rothstein to The Florida Bar because he concluded the issue “was not grievable.”

Rothstein ended up leaving with Rosenfeldt and about seven associates who were part of his plaintiff employment practice. The departures came with a confidential settlement that Phillips did not disclose.
Wonder if that was a harbinger of anything?

Once again, Rothstein's rise in legal circles -- his hobnobbing with judges, politicians, his appointment to the grievance committee, his incredible appointment to the 4th DCA Judicial Nominating Commission -- represents a career trajectory almost entirely devoid of merit.

He moved in these circles not because someone saw his legal writing or argument, or watched him take a deposition or handle a mediation, or that he was a good judge of judiciary candidates or other lawyers.

That is not to say he was not talented in certain ways, or charismatic. Yet his "reputation," along with his money and connections, enabled him to attract lawyers, judges, politicians, celebrities and yes, clients, in a world where actual legal skills and moral character were entirely irrelevant.

Does anyone think Scott was wholly unique in this respect?


  1. Passion. Integrity. Bullshit.

  2. Both Dade and Broward are full of lawyers like Rothstein -- a lot of talk and not a lot of talent. You see some of them at motion calendar and calendar call. They are scattered along a spectrum running from honest/ethical on one end to unethical toward the other end, with Rothstein criminality at the very end.

  3. Catching a lawyer lying to a firm client about whether a pleading was filed is "not grievous" only in Broward.

  4. Bet the settlement agreement between the lawyers required no report to the Florida Bar as well as"no comment" in the event anyone inquired.

  5. Anybody else getting totally slammed at work with new cases and old crap rearing up? Man I've been swamped. I'm calling it an early Shumie and heading out to find my soul mate.

  6. Is Gary Phillips the tall skinny guy with the ill fitting hairpiece with the office at the presidential circle in hollywood? If so, I was a client at his firm during the time frame described in the article. If indeed he is the same guy that I think, he wasn't anything to write home about either.

  7. The Rothstein thing has gotten so messy, I can't keep the news straight anymore. Grisham couldn't have come up with something like this....

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