Parsing the RRA Financials


Last week Herb Stettin filed the RRA Schedules of Assets and Liabilities and Statement of Financial Affairs.

I was struck by a few things:

1. This 70-lawyer firm only took in $10 million in 2008 and 2009;

2. Kim Rothstein was employed by RRA at a salary of $45k; and

3. This was some wildly f&(ked up place.

You know how lawyers, particularly litigators, pride themselves on being good judges of character? They just know when a witness is not telling the truth, or being evasive, or when something is "not quite right."

Indeed, their self-worth as a lawyer is sometimes bound up with their inflated view of themselves as being able to "put the pieces together," find a seemingly meaningless clue in a document or a stray aside by a witness, and sleuth their way on a hunch, flop sweat, and good detective work to unraveling the key to winning a case.

Why didn't anyone at RRA do that with Scott Rothstein?


  1. Nurik's Fake ChoppersDecember 28, 2009 at 3:41 PM

    Didn't suspect a thing.

  2. Dear SFL, whenever I visit your blog I am guaranteed a laugh-- dont know how you always manage to come up with the best graphics, references to music and pop culture and at the same time I take away a good legal nugget or two( I am a low brow gov't employee). I was wondering if you might come up with a post where we can make wishes/predictions/hopes for the New Year as it relates to our little burg and its quirky little legal beagles and their minions ? My first one is a sincere entreaty, almost tearful, that Matt and Tina be separated in the morning workout room at SCLA and stop their yapper/chattercizing and get some exercise done, or that they just skip the gym altogether sit at a bagel place and yuck it up like silly yentas-- I canot get on the machines because they just park themselves on them and yack and when they do make an attempt at working out am always afraid that Matt will fall off the treadmill because he cocks his head at a 90 degree angle to talk to Tina--they recently added the rowing machines to the repetoire because the 2 rowers face each other-- I swear to G-d, you have never in your life seen or heard two people talk more than this--the calories burned by talking alone (jaw routines) amount to over 1000 per session, but for the love of G-d, can a goil get a break from the jibber jabber ?

  3. Whatever happened to the ol' "Master of Disaster"- Alen Soven, Esq?

  4. can't remember whenDecember 28, 2009 at 6:43 PM

    What ever happened to the "Flav-o-flav" of the Justice Building: Greg Sands?

  5. I love that the criminal community -- oh sorry, criminal defense community -- seems to have migrated to SFL blog. Okay SFL, get ready for shotty grammer, poor spelling and personal attacks up the wazoo.

    Hey! Criminal lawyers...go back to Rumpole and Markus.

  6. I'm digging 5:11.

  7. 7:02 Youmutherfucker, why yoo make funn of uhs? Why cant you make fun of your own stuffs?

  8. The Shumie's been called until Monday January 4, 2010, right?

  9. @5:11

    good stuff, very entertaining, but certainly too much effort. repeat after me: short and punchy . . . short and punchy.

  10. Here come the state court hacks again.

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