Qtask Next For Subpoena in Rothstein Bankruptcy


Today the receiver went after Qtask, a collaborative project management software company, setting a deposition duces tecum for December 22.

I wonder what "project" they were all working on?

Take a look at Exhibit A, starting on page 12 of the document, for a very interesting list of names.

Are you guys sick of this Scribd thing yet?


  1. more rothstein more rothstein more rothstein

  2. I've been practicing a long time and never heard of them. Another scam probably.

  3. more scotty as KerouacDecember 10, 2009 at 8:02 AM

    "...in the same cell with a murderous gunman...I expect him to be all bitter and out of his head because of this but strangely and magnificently he's become quieter, more radiant, more patient, manly, more friendly even --and tho the wild frenzies of his old road days with me have banked down he still has the same taut eager face and supple muscles and looks like he's ready to go anytime --But actually loves his home, loves his wife in a way tho they fight some, loves his kids ...wants immediately to challenge somebody to a chess game but only has an hour to talk to us before he goes to work supporting the family by rushing out and pushing his Nash Rambler down the quiet Los Gatos suburb street, jumping in, starting the motor, in fact his only complaint is that the Nash wont start without a push --No bitter complaints about society whatever from this grand and ideal man who really loves me moreover as if I deserved it..."

  4. it keeps getting sweeter like grandma's sweet potato pie! All RRA all the time!

  5. ejgpfve, Xrumer mod , QbxAvtW.


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