Show Me The Money (Please?)

StetTin Motion

Judge Stettin has asked politely, very very politely, to pretty please have access to eight RRA operating accounts that are the subject of Judge Cohn's protective order in the Rothstein criminal case.

Nice tone in the motion btw.


  1. What happened to Kendall?

  2. Kendall fugged this up from the jump by filing only bankruptcy against RRA and not against Rothstein individaully. Now Stetin has to write these kiss ass motions with the civil forfeiture dunces at the USA office. Wouldn't it be great though if the gub mint didn't give the investors a dime and instead used the forfeited money on go fast boats and confidential informants?

  3. Once the cameras left.....

  4. So I guess you could say Kendall Coughed fey this one up.
    Or maybe he bit off more than he could
    Or maybe he got stripped of his responsibility.
    Feel free to join in

  5. His credit card was writing checks his Dad couldn't cash.

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