Thanks Joe!

I was running late and stuck in court so I asked my old pal Joe Namath to cover a hearing in Palm Beach the other day.

He did pretty good, except his knees kept going out on him -- just like the old days.

(Boy things are slow around here).


  1. His speech was a little slurred too I heard.

  2. This is really sad for those of us who came of age in the 1960's and whose lives were defined by sports. One's personality and politics were reflected through some very simple choices:
    Ali or Frazier
    Namath or Starr
    AFL or NFL
    ABA or NBA
    Oakland A's or Cincinnati Reds.
    Namath has been reduced to an aging and pathetic symbol of eternal youth and hipness who continues to fight alcoholism. I wish him the best and will never forget watching the 1968 AFL champtionship game between the Jets and Raiders on my parents' little black and white TV. Next time you go to a swanky bar, meet a bookie, and throw down an extra dry martini, think of Broadway Joe.

  3. Late in the second quarter of Saturday night's telecast, Namath, an ambassador at large for the Jets, appeared on the sideline to be interviewed by Kolber. After initially speaking coherently, Namath then spoke in slow, halting language, at one time leaning toward her and saying, "I want to kiss you." When Namath, who is divorced, repeated the "kiss" wish following the next play, Kolber said she considered it a compliment and quickly broke off the interview.

  4. When I saw him on an episode of The Love Boat popping Vitamin E to stay virile, I knew his better days were behind him.

  5. Broadway Joe is Drunken Joe. Sad.

  6. Namath sued--

  7. 4:16--What about The Brady Bunch? Bobby faking an illness.

    Looking at that pic - the years have not been kind to Joe.

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