Cold Again?

It's still cold and I'm starting to get grumpy.

Is there anything worth talking about this morning?

Let's see, Scott Rothstein will be in Court today, where he will waive waive waive to his adoring fans:
Rothstein, now disbarred from practicing law, has already said through Nurik that he thinks Nurik has no potential conflict of interest and he is willing to give up his right to appeal any conviction or sentence on those grounds.

But U.S. District Judge James Cohn scheduled the 9:30 a.m. hearing for a full airing of any concerns. Rothstein is expected to formally waive the possible conflict of interest.

"Scott will enter a waiver, and I expect that will be the end of it," Nurik said. "I have no conflicts of interest."
In other news, principled conservative and Florida AG Bill McCollum thinks Big Gov should get out of the way and let market forces set prices -- except when it comes to attorneys fees -- which of course need to be arbitrarily limited by the state:
"It's been my observation that there's been a lot of abuse around the country" by law firms that run up excessive fees working on government cases, McCollum said.
"Especially ones under my supervision," he added.

Ok, I made that last part up.

God I love the practice of law.


  1. Bill McCollum for Florida Supreme Court!!

  2. The bad news is it's still cold. The good news is that my citrus survived, thanks to an extensive network of heating lamps, and I'm really pumping this whole "Nanook of the North" look. Leather and flanel go so well together.

    Let's sing; "I'm a lumber jack and I'm OK... "

  3. I LOVE Spies Like Us!

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