Judge Moreno Spanks Lawyer For Missing Deadlines

Order Denying Extension

Hey, what's the big deal, it was just a deadline to file a notice of appeal?

Let's see, first you lose the case.

Then you get hit with an order granting defendant $550k in attorney's fees plus another $80k in costs.

Then you blow the deadline to file the appeal.

Then you explain to Judge Moreno that you were really really busy, also on vacation, and your secretary miscalendared the appeal deadline anyways:
Attorney Matthew S. Gibbs set up his ECF account with the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida with a copy of all filings to be forwarded to his paralegal, Susan Cavallone, for calendaring purposes.1 (See Declaration of Matthew S. Gibbs) Mr. Gibbs was out of the office between November 19 and 30, 2009 for two out of town court proceedings and a family vacation in Florida. (See Declaration of Matthew S. Gibbs) Due to an error by Ms. Cavallone, the deadline for filing the Notice of Appeal was miscalendared. (See Declaration of Susan Cavallone)

Mr. Gibbs realized the Notice had not been filed the afternoon of December 23 and immediately contacted opposing counsel regarding the missed deadline. Based on the Final Judgment issued on November 19, 2009, ECF Administrative Rule 3K(2), and FRAP 26(b)(2), the Notice of Appeal was due to be filed on or about December 21, 2009.
At this point Matthew is probably employing a few of the expletives recently laid out by Judge Marcus.

What do you think -- will Judge Moreno find this to be "excusable neglect"?

Don't let the door hit you....
Plaintiff's explanation that he was out of town for court proceedings and on a family vacation (Pl. Mot. 3) is not "excusable neglect."

Lastly, Plaintiff's cumulative effect of missing deadlines exhibits an absence of good faith. Plaintiff's practice of routinely missing deadlines throughout the litigation betrays Plaintiff's consistent disregard for these proceedings. Indeed, Plaintiff's habitual pattern and practice of missing deadlines throughout the three year long litigation is evidence of a lack of good faith.
I've never understood why lawyers wait until the final permissible day to take an action they know they will take a month or more earlier, yet it is almost always routinely done with no real consideration of whether waiting makes any sense or not.

Well, Matthew, at least now you have another order to appeal.

(Best to double check the calculation just to be safe.)


  1. Shumie Update- saw the great one tooling around town with what appeared to be a brand new, ultra tricked out convertible Mustang Shelby- the one with the super duper big engine. The ever present large stoogie in hand and the music flowing.

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  2. Gibbs hiding in trunk?

  3. I have been reading this blog for 2+ years and still don't know who shummie is or where this shummie business came from.

    Anyone wanna fill me in?

  4. @3:23 - It's annoying.

  5. Let me get this straight . . . the guy cites in his motion an Eleventh Circuit case that states that a one day deadline blow by a paralegal's miscalculation is excusable neglect but Moreno decides that a three day blow under the same facts is not?

    Anyone notice that the order this poor shlub was appealing was for getting dinged for about a million in attorneys' fees. One would venture a guess that Fred factored that little nugget into his calculus. Anybody with me?

  6. "Conservative" justices gut campaign finance reform and you're writing about a motion for extension of time?

  7. excepting corporations from expenditure limits is hardly "gutting" campaign finance reform. for profit corps will hardly ever take up the right to make those expenditures. don't stress over it. let's focus more on this extension of time!

  8. Yesterday we were discussing clone films.

  9. Wait , lemme guess: roberto , or some other "friend o fred", was the lawyer on the other side.

    I'm just sayin'.....

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  11. SCOTUS will soon give corporations the right to vote.

  12. Bush Gore II.

    Judge Shepherd for SCOTUS!

  13. too much shumie timeJanuary 21, 2010 at 9:55 PM

    This case is a great example on why a little too much Shumie time is not always a good thing. Too much vacation and time off.

  14. 6:03-
    All Shumie cares about are P's & G's
    Imagine SHumie working at Micky D's.

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    Mr. Kutun got a sweetheart deal from The Florida Bar and the Florida Supreme Court, as he is now on the cusp of being readmitted to the practice of law despite his felony convictions.

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    This Kutun is just one reason why I and others be heard by the statewide grand jury as to the demonstrable and active corruption of state government by The Florida Bar.

    Regards, Jack Thompson

  16. Moreno is completey out of control. He should be impeached. He is using the local Federal Marshall to intimidate lawyers. He is preventing lawyers from other jurisdictions from brining cell phones into the federal courthouse, but Florida lawyers can. This guy must think the Third Reich was misunderstood.

    Jack Thompson, so sue me, Fred

  17. Blame Bancroft Davis-


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