Judge Zloch Sends New Year's Greetings to Loring Spolter!

Zloch Order 12-30-09 Re Spolter Sanctions

Hi folks, I hope you all had a tremendous New Year.

I think it's fair to say that whatever you did this New Year's, you probably had a better time than Loring Spolter, who was the recipient of a very special holiday card by Judge Zloch.

The entire Order is a must-read, but here's the kicker:
However, the Court wishes to make absolutely clear that Mr. Spolter is not being punished for his criticism of the undersigned. Despite Magistrate Judge Rosenbaum’s thorough and articulate 92-page Report and Recommendation confirming the same, this Court will state the basis for sanctions once more——for those who continue to mislead the public by characterizing Mr. Spolter as some sort of First Amendment martyr. Mr. Spolter has the absolute right to criticize a judge, but what he does not have the right to do is to file pleadings in Federal court for an improper purpose and in bad faith. For this, and for engaging in behavior that no reasonably competent lawyer in like circumstances would have engaged in, and for these reasons alone, Mr. Spolter will be suspended from practice in this District for 42 months, he will be referred to the Florida bar, a reasonable fine will be imposed, and reasonable attorney’s fees assessed against him and his law firm, Loring N. Spolter, P.A.
BTW, I had no idea the DBR is a "local tabloid"!

Did you see that, Julie?

If the DBR is a tabloid what does that make us?

(Don't answer).


  1. Why are federal judges still addressing the substantive allegations of a recusal motion?

  2. You're more entertaining than the Review, SFL.

  3. The Daily Pulp comes late -


  4. Ahhh, maybe now the legal community is figuring out that judges like Zloch and Moreno are acting like nazis in using "discipline" to punish criticism of the judiciary. I got disbarred for it, and so now will Spolter. Jack Thompson

  5. Fake Glenn GreenwaldJanuary 5, 2010 at 12:15 PM

    The reality is that the Bush administration used a discretionary multi-tiered justice system for terrorism suspects: they gave civilian trials to some, put others before military commissions, and held the rest indefinitely without charges. That's exactly what the Obama administration's policy is. Back then, virtually no progressives claimed that the Bush administration was "upholding the rule of law" by granting civilian trials to some terrorism suspects and denying them to the rest. How can it possibly be the case that the Obama administration is upholding "the rule of law" when, to use Benen's words, it is according rights to terrorism suspects "the same exact way the Bush administration did" (albeit with some improvements to the military commissions and some new discretionary guidelines to use for who gets a civilian trial and who does not)?

  6. DBR even later than The Daily Pulp,


  7. So was Rumpole.

    Funny how the article quotes an employment defense lawyer what he thinks of Zloch's opinion. Surprise!

  8. Asking Casey to comment is a joke.

  9. Jack,

    It is the lying about the judge that got Spolter in trouble. The law is about evidence, not just making up stuff. Spolter invented facts, then hired an expert to give an opinion about the made-up facts.

    I'd explain more about how the law is based on truth and not fiction, but I paused my Grand Theft Auto and don't want screen burn in.


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  11. Judge Zloch made the right decision by dismissing the Chase case. Spolter is nothing but a low life attorney in a attempt to sue a large bank for a substantial amount of money based on a pack of lies! His motive was to "hope" the bank threw great amounts of money at him (and his client) to back off from this lawsuit, but it backfired. This is where Karma bit him in the butt, he go so caught up in his devious scheme that he lied about the Chase case and went so far to lie about the judge. I must say, nothing pleases me more to see that moron loose his license. Yes -There is a God!

  12. Dear Anonymous,
    Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the mouth. What will you do when that "God" visits you?

    -Mike Tyson

  13. The author is absolutely right, and there is no question.


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