Middle District US Attorney Fight Goes Public

Does anyone care at all about the Middle District?

I guess so, since sometimes we have to go up there and litigate cases and all.

So I suppose you heard about the fight over the potential MD FL US Attorney selection:
The accusations against one include an extramarital affair with a subordinate, helping a terrorist organization raise money and compromising important public corruption investigations.
What's the big deal?

I've done at least one of those....maybe two depending on the precise definition of "subordinate."
The other is accused of conducting vindictive investigations and abusing his prosecutorial powers. The charges have been made in letters and court documents filed over the past six months.
That's it? I was expecting something serious.
The nominees are Harry Shorstein, a former state attorney from Jacksonville, and Assistant U.S. Attorneys Robert E. O'Neill, of Tampa and Roger Bernard Handberg III, of Orlando. They were selected from a field of 11 applicants last year.
Ok, I don't recognize any of these names but that's not surprising since I wasn't even sure Jacksonville was technically within Florida, let alone the Middle District.


  1. Typical conduct a fed will display when he/she doesn't like somebody.

  2. Funny. I guess you can pick a metaphor for every federal district in the US. I equate the middle district with an insurance company, the northern district with a giant county fair or chili cookoff and the southern district with wild and colorful defendants, flamboyant lawyers, and very good judges enjoying the ride and glad they are not sitting in Jacksonville or Gainesville.

  3. I love chili.

    mmm, mmmm chili.

  4. I love Jesus! Really!

  5. "The mountains may be moved and the hills may falter, but my kindness shall not be removed from you and my covenant of peace shall not falter…"

  6. Nothing happens in Orlando.

  7. As that cuban refugee pitching sensation said


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