Pass the Cohibas and Lattes!

On behalf of all the lawyers in South Florida, I light my Cohiba and raise my gin-soaked latte now that embattled Volusia County Circuit Judge John Doyle has resigned:
The judge, 60, who was last elected in 2008, has been in a source of controversy in two separate instances last year. First he angered attorneys in September -- and stepped down from a foreclosure case after complaints -- with his remark about a South Florida lawyer "smoking Cohibas" and "drinking lattes." Last month he was removed from the rotation of a dozen judges who preside over Baker Act and Marchman Act hearings after he was accused of calling people seeking treatment "drunks" and "drug addicts."
Actually, sir, many of us are all of the above.

We previously wrote about the good Judge here, and Doyle's resignation letter is here.


  1. Not so much a smoking gun as a smoking Cohiba ;)

  2. Very interesting. And in a way, funny, Maybe when up north, we should do as the natives do and smoke Swisher Sweets, drink Waffle House coffee, and wipe the cow dung off of our shoes before entering the courthouse. What is it about the lattes? And why the connection with Cohibas? Lattes always struck me as as a South Beach/Starbucks kind of drink. Most Cuban men I know, assuming that was the target of this judge's barb, are the real deal, the Gary Coopers of the tropics. They drink those culadas or whatever they are called. These concoctions are so strong they could be used to power a 747 across the ocean. Maybe the good judge should drink one of these one afternoon and maybe his attitude would change. Fast.

  3. Gays and Cubans, that's all we are.

  4. Nurik's Cartoonishly large fake chompersJanuary 9, 2010 at 2:30 PM

    I like cigars and lattes and conflicts and loans and the press and free rent and steak

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