The Tew Cardenas Rumors Are True.

Several of you have been speculating about this for a while, and it's true -- five Tew Cardenas partners, including recent New York wine purchaser Tom Lehman, have announced the formation of their new firm:
Managing partner Thomas Lehman and partners Stuart I. Grossman, David Levine, Lawrence Kellogg and Jeffrey Schneider anticipate opening their own firm by the end of the month to be called Levine Kellogg Lehman Schneider & Grossman.
Hmm, name's a little long, how about LKLS&G?

Still doesn't exactly roll off the tongue but it'll work.

Congrats boys!


  1. White men in love.

  2. Shumie Time for Tew.....

  3. Doncha know dat I still luv dat Kimster!!!!!

  4. Good, can we now indict Al Cardenas?

    Re: Decertification of The Florida Bar

    Dear Chief Justices and Associate Justices and Bar President Diner:

    Past and more recent examples of the widespread corruption of The Florida Bar’s disciplinary system have brought us to what will now follow:

    I and others affiliated with me, including a large number of lawyers, hereby put you on notice that we have begun the process of decertifying The Florida Bar as a compulsory labor organization, as that decertification process is provided for under the National Labor Relations (Wagner) Act.

    Those who would assert (you may be among them) that The Florida Bar is not a “labor organization” under the NLRA quite frankly don’t know the law on this issue. Both the Lathrop and Keller cases decided by the US Supreme Court deem it such. The 1949 Florida Supreme Court Bar Integration Order is based upon the vote of its members to certify it as a labor organization. What such a vote can do it can undo. Pretty simple, really. Further, the fact that The Bar does not collect a license fee but rather collects “dues” further seals the deal. It would take a lot of space to explain the reasons for that; I’m sure somebody in Greenberg Traurig’s labor law department can it explain it to you all, at $700 an hour, and paid for by Bar members’ dues!

    I have retained expert labor law counsel, who assures us that The Bar can be decertified as a labor organization, and this is made all the easier by the fact that our Florida Constitution establishes this state as a “right to work state.” How cool is that?

    Further, the ABA’s McKay Commission, on which The Bar’s John Berry sat as one of its seven members, unanimously held that a bar structure such as Florida’s is fatally flawed as to discipline and that it would be both corrupted and corrupting. We have seen that in the Adorno case this week, as well the cover-up of Bar President-Elect Downs’ shocking ethics lapses.

    Here is how it is going to work: I have by separate letter today asked for the names and e-mail addresses, in digital format, of all members of The Bar. The Bar has previously agreed that this list is a public record and that it must be produced.

    When we get those email addresses, we will be contacting all Florida Bar members with petitions to begin the decertification process. If 30% of those voting request a vote on decertification—disintegration of the compulsory Florida Bar—then a vote must be held as a matter of federal law.

    I and others anticipate that the 30% total will be achieved, and that the subsequent 50% + 1 decertification total be achieved. Most Florida lawyers will ask themselves this question: “What has The Bar done for me lately?” Answer: Spend my dues on gay adoption, advising teens how to get abortions behind their parents’ backs, give Hank Adorno a get out of jail card, and burden us with idiotic CLE crap, just to name a few answers.

    You have no one to blame but yourselves that this moment has come. One dumb thing you did was kick me out of The Bar for being a whistle blower as to The Bar’s illegal and at times criminal activities. You forgot two things:

    Solzhenitsyn said, “Dangerous the man who has nothing to lose.” I have nothing to lose. You made sure of that.

    Don Corleone said, “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.” You kicked me and others out of the club, thereby giving all of us the motivation to destroy the club—and for altruistic reasons no less!

    Thanks for all of that. The decertification process has begun. And, oh, if you try to stop it, a federal court will apply Lathrop, Keller, and the NLRA to stop you.

    What you all needed for years was a competent and ethical law firm. You got Greenberg Traurig instead.

    Regards, Jack Thompson

  5. What's old is new again, regarding the post and the preceding comment.

    I knew 2010 was going to be wacky and wonderful.

    I could just FEEL it, you know what I'm sayin'?

  6. Hell hath no fury like Jack Thompson with a broadband internet connection.

  7. Jack-- seek help.

  8. Another thread dead. Thanks Jack.

  9. Why did tew loose these people? Will the firm remain open?

  10. Jack, you have been "certifiable" for so many years; why not start "decertifying" yourself before turning to the Florida Bar?

  11. maybe jack has a man crush on sfl

  12. Jack--shut the fuck up. You are a whack job.

    99% of FL lawyers


  14. btw jack is missing not a few screws but the entire box.

  15. posting remarks about jack is not helping. ignore him.

  16. Hugo Chavez gave it to Ricky Fernandez. Ricky goes both ways (capitalism and communism). So Ricky gives it to Raul Castro and Ricky gives it to Al Cardenas. And Al Cardenas gives it to everybody. Find out if Al gave it to you. Hey Al, when the water reaches the upper decks - follow the rats! See Miami Herald 1/03/2010, page 1a; El Nuevo Herald 1/13/2010, page 1b and Miami Herald 1/16/2010, page 3c. Go Gerardo Reyes!

  17. Jack, you may have forgotten, but the Bar has already decertified you. Go sue the Florida Supreme Court, the Florida Bar, Tew Cardenas, Greenberg Traurig, your mother, the pool guy, President Obama, Jeb Bush, Al Cardenas, Judge Tunis, your son's most recent school, Bilbo Baggins, and all of the voices in your head. Frame all the dismissals, as they prove the worldwide conspiracy against you. Is this a great country, or what?

  18. I think all you anonymous guys should keep in mind that Jack has a lot of free time on his hands lately.

  19. AL,
    Very soon, you too - may have free time on your hands, courtesy of back-stabbed, freedom loving Cubans. Fernandez was going to help Raul make a Chinese-style system, whose economy finally works but keep the chibatos, comites, carceles and paredones. Traidor.

  20. There is only one reason they are leaving - money. Good riddance and thank God they are taking most of their problematic and skanky staff with them. They will not be missed.

    Check out Inventor Eliot Bernstein Testimony @ The New York Judiciary Committee headed by John L. Sampson @
    Investors who have been burned in these scams should start to seek redress from the lawyers who were involved with these scams. I personally have been trying to notify regulators and authorities of a ONE TRILLION DOLLAR scam that is putting states like New York and Florida at huge risk, as well as, companies like Intel, Lockheed, SGI and IBM. The states and companies involved in the fraud fail to acknowledge the risk exposing shareholders and citizens to impending liabilities. Investigators, courts and federal agents ignoring the crimes and evidence, including a car-bombing attempt on my life. I know how Harry Markopolos felt trying to expose Madoff in a world without regulation. Florida Bar & FL Supreme Court sued in Trillion Dollar Suit
    Did I hear Proskauer Rose is involved in Madoff (involved many clients too) and acted as Allen Stanford's attorney. Investors who lost money in these scams should start looking at the law firm Proskauer's assets for recovery. First, Proskauer partner Gregg Mashberg claims Madoff is a financial 9/11 for their clients, if they directed you to Madoff sue them. Then, Proskauer partner Thomas Sjoblom former enforcement dude for SEC and Allen Stanford attorney, declares PARTY IS OVER to Stanford employees and advises them to PRAY, this two days before SEC hearings. Then at hearings, he lies with Holt to SEC saying she only prepared with him but fails to mention Miami meeting at airport hanger. Then Sjoblom resigns after SEC begins investigation and sends note to SEC disaffirming all statements made by him and Proskauer, his butt on fire. If you were burned in Stanford sue Proskauer.
    Proskauer Rose and Foley & Lardner are also in a TRILLION dollar FEDERAL LAWSUIT legally related to a WHISTLEBLOWER CASE also in FEDERAL COURT. Marc S. Dreier, brought in through Raymond A. Joao of Meltzer Lippe after putting 90+ patents of mine in his own name, is also a defendant in the Federal Case.
    The Trillion Dollar suit according to Judge Shira Scheindlin is one of PATENT THEFT, MURDER & A CAR BOMBING. For graphics on the car bombing visit
    The Federal Court cases
    Cases @ New York Second Circuit
    08-4873-cv United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit Docket - Bernstein, et al. v Appellate Division First Department Disciplinary Committee, et al. - TRILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT
    Capogrosso v NY State Commission on Judicial Conduct, et al.
    Esposito v The State of NY, et al.
    McKeown v The State of NY, et al.
    Related Cases @ District Court - S District NY
    07cv09599 Anderson v The State of NY, et al. - WHISTLEBLOWER LAWSUIT
    07cv11196 Bernstein, et al. v Appellate Division First Department Disciplinary Committee, et al.
    07cv11612 Esposito v The State of NY, et al.,
    08cv00526 Capogrosso v NY State Commission on Judicial Conduct, et al.,
    08cv02391 McKeown v The State of NY, et al.,
    08cv02852 Galison v The State of NY, et al.,
    08cv03305 Carvel v The State of NY, et al., and,
    08cv4053 Gizella Weisshaus v The State of NY, et al.
    08cv4438 Suzanne McCormick v The State of NY, et al.
    08 cv 6368 John L. Petrec-Tolino v. The State of NY
    Eliot I. Bernstein
    Iviewit Holdings, Inc. – DL

  22. Hey, Anonymous ("There is only one reason they are leaving - money. Good riddance and thank God they are taking most of their problematic and skanky staff with them. They will not be missed."):

    Problem with lawyers is, they're just so damn smart. I see you ;)

  23. Dear Al,
    Now that Horace Feliu lost by a 60/40 margin, his ONLY job as South Miami's part-time mayor, he has no other jobs - full or part-time. Please give him a job lobbying for Tew, Cardenas. He did get you South Miami's $50,000 per year contract to fill out Obama money request forms. Al, he's really your kind of guy! Love, Bicycle Bob, South Miami

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  25. Eye candy, at last there's something for my eyes. Thanks bro.

  26. Let me tell you about Tew Cardenas and the Levine group. They are the worst people morally that are out there. Don't hire them. They only care about themselves and it's amazing that they have been able to keep all the scandles a secret and have not been sued more often for sexual harrasment. Losers!!

  27. This won't really have success, I believe this way.


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