Gerald Posner Suspended For Plagiarism!

Miami Beach's own Gerald Posner, who recently was the talk of the town with his salacious book Miami Babylon, has been suspended by The Daily Beast for lifting passages from prior articles, including the Herald:
On Friday, it looked like writer Gerald Posner had his minor plagiarism scandal under control. Slate's Jack Shafer busted him for one case of copying, but Posner claimed it was accidental and his editors said he would keep working. Now Shafer has three more examples of Posner stealing from the Herald, plus one involving Texas Lawyer, and Posner writes he's been suspended. He blogged: "I now realize that a method of compiling information that I have used successfully since 1984... obviously does not work... at the warp speed of the Net." Or under the bright light of Google.
Posner's blog is here.

What does that mean for us?

More Meghan McCain.


  1. You mean Gerald "Poseur."

  2. Meghan McCain YUM

  3. I work in media. He did a big no-no. LOL. Thou shall not plagarize.

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