Insert Favorite Nautical Disaster Imagery Here.

Wow, I mean this is like the Good Ship Lollipop after sustaining a direct hit from a Japanese Tsurugi in Leyte Gulf (hey, I wanted to stretch a little):

"It is a sad day when one who held our trust for so many years is shown to have engaged in rampant fraud and betrayed the trust of so many,'' U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Sloman said at a news conference.

"This is a classic case of how greed and corruption can corrupt a person at the top of his game,'' said John Gillies, the FBI's special agent in charge, who called Freeman "the wolf protecting the hen house.''

Wolf protecting the hen house....interesting but Lew could have done better.

All kidding aside, this one's a shocker and it is indeed a sad day for anyone who has worked with Lew and his many fine employees.

UPDATE: Here's the information filed against Lew (including allegations against "Co-Conspirators A and B"):



  1. Can you post the information?

  2. Echoes of Ronald Reagan's "mistakes were made."

  3. Don Fanucci: Young man, I hear you and your friends are stealing goods. But you don't even send a dress to my house. No respect! You know I've got three daughters. This is my neighborhood. You and your friends should show me some respect. You should let me wet my beak a little. I hear you and your friends cleared $600 each. Give me $200 each, for your own protection. And I'll forget the insult. You young punks have to learn to respect a man like me! Otherwise the cops will come to your house. And your family will be ruined. Of course, if I'm wrong about how much you stole, I'll take a little less. And by less, I only mean - a hundred bucks less. Now don't refuse me. Understand, paisan? Understand, paisan?... Tell your friends I don't want a lot. Just enough to wet my beak. Don't be afraid to tell them!

  4. It's a shame to see a respected member of the community go down in flames like this, at least the prosecutors involved gave him the courtesy of turning himself in and avoiding the humiliation of being dragged out of his home or office in handcuffs.  I have to wonder though, since its common knowledge that in instances of white collar crimes, the defendants are allowed to surrender themselves, why did Assistant State Attorney Bill Kostrzewski have one of the attorneys that I've written about on my blog dragged out of their office in the middle of the day by police officers with badges and guns emblazoned on a FRIDAY NO LESS?


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