Not Now John.

Let's see, it's hump day and I'm getting cranky again.

When oh when will the Resplendent Ones emit their utterances?

I see former heavyweight champion and noted TV star John Ruiz has filed a Toyota gas pedal lawsuit:
Ruiz, who hosts a live late night Spanish program on legal issues called La Ley, said he's already representing hundreds of Toyota owners including owners without sticking pedals worried about the value of their cars.

"Some entities report that it's between 4 and 6 percent. The reality is it's more like 20%. The reality is that no one wants to buy one of these cars right now. You can't resale the car in the marketplace after these issues," said Ruiz.

Ruiz is also looking into something you hear about in the news all the time; when a person parking their car suddenly accelerates into a store front.

"There is no doubt that in some of these cases we are going to be able to determine that it was a faulty part as opposed to what they call driver error." said Ruiz.
Sorry John, your clients will have to be fatally injured in an accelerator crash before they have a cognizable claim for damages.

Also, the Disney Relief Act is moving through the state legislature, much to Mike Haggard's dismay:

"This bill has taken us back Draconian steps from last year,'' said Michael Haggard, the president of the trial lawyers lobbying arm, the Florida Justice Association.

Without the threat of litigation, Haggard reasoned, businesses would have no incentive to prioritize safety.

"It gives immunity to businesses to hurt kids,'' Haggard said. ``It's a higher standard that only applies to children.''

Mike, wrong again.

I look at it this way: so a few kids have to die every year on an unsafe ride -- and that's certainly sad I admit -- but their sacrifice enables the rest of us to enjoy a nice family day at the amusement park.

I mean, we're talking Disney!


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  2. Bringing a shitty loss of value case that will get popped at the motion to dismiss stage is what will get him press. Then, when someone dies accelerating into an H & R Block storefront, Mr. Ruiz will be the first one to pop up in "The Google" and viola, Mr. Ruiz will have a new client.

    You federal court commercial litigators need to stick to your Latin res ispa loquitor shit and leave the money making to men,


    Mr. Ruiz' Certified Financial Planner

  3. I'm still driving an '87 Audi 5000 hoping to cash in on some of that "unintended acceleration" money!

  4. Ruiz and Haggard in the same post. Boy does that speak volumes about this community or what.

  5. looks like Ruiz was beat to the aisle:

    By Jane Musgrave

    Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

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    WEST PALM BEACH — A West Palm Beach law firm today filed a lawsuit against Toyota Motor Corp., seeking "well in excess of" $5 million for those who bought vehicles that are now being recalled because accelerators stick.

    In the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court, attorney Brian Smith accuses the beleaguered auto giant of fraud and deceit.

    "Toyota concealed facts relating to the accelerator pedal mechanism," Smith charges in the lawsuit. "Toyota took steps to prevent these facts from becoming known to the general public."

    Toyota, which reports about $270 billion in annual revenue, should be forced to surrender the money it made by not being honest with consumers, he claims. Car buyers suffered the loss of the value of their vehicle and the time and aggravation of having their cars fixed.

    The lawsuit is filed on behalf of Andrea Heilbrunn, described as a Florida resident. But Smith is seeking to have the lawsuit certified as a class action case for the thousands affected by the recall announced last week.

  6. The funny thing about these blogs is the absolute ignorance of people who write on them. The danger with the existence of these type of people is that you are actually allowed to write, speak, and participate in society with the rest of us that take the time to read and educate ourselves as citizens of the Universe.

    Your apparent blind dislike for Ruiz fails at the true issue: people are dying at the hands of a big corporation - AGAIN! Do you care about that? Do you care that people are left fatherless and motherless? Do you care that your own kid could be crossing the street and then suddenly gets mowed down by a Toyota while you were writing on a blog that you disliked the attorney going after the very car that changed the rest of your life?

    Moronic as all of you may be, I hope that John ignores your comments and still fights to protect you and your family. I hope that you do not suffer at the hands of Toyota before he is able to get these cars off the road for you and your family. Champions of causes are always criticized until they are proven right and then all of a sudden everyone says what a great person he/she is - you included.

    And for the Audi 5000 blogger...Oh, what's the use? You are what you are and you will always be what you are. Don't read too much into that and feel obligated to respond. Seriously, your comments are better suited at a truck rally in light of your domination of the American lexicon and the adept use of profanity to prove what you percieve to be a point. The only point you should focus on is the one that you mousse up on your head when you attend said truck rally with Slim Jim in hand and a bucket o' Mountain Dew in tow. Goodluck, Professor I think alot.

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  12. John Ruiz is not a lawyer he is more of a crook!!!!!!!! Don't waste your money on him. All he will do is take you for a sucker and steal all your money!!! Beware of this man he is operating a major scam!!!

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  14. Attorney Brian Smith accuses the beleaguered auto giant of fraud and deceit.
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