I like it when rumors by my tipsters are validated, it makes me feel like all is well with the world.

So John Pacenti's article on Pete Prieto's move from defense lawyer at H&K to full-time plaintiff's lawyer at Podhurst was satisfying:
“Working in a litigation boutique is considered by many to be the gold standard,” Prieto said. “To handle complex and challenging cases with great lawyers who also happen to be my friends was incredibly appealing.”
Aaron says pay has not yet been discussed:
Podhurst wouldn’t discuss what kind of compensation he offered Prieto to lure him from Holland & Knight.“We just wanted to have him,” he said. “Those things haven’t even been discussed. He wants to come, and we want him. We are going to treat him right.”
Congrats all around!


  1. What happened to his corporate clients?

  2. Assumes facts not in evidence.

  3. Someone's nose is growing.

  4. keep an eye out for some imminent news on the "man down the street" accepting a plea for muchos annos.

  5. I see a comma splice.


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