SFL Friday -- Super Bowl Weekend!!

Well kids I've had a tough week so I am cutting out early to do some shark-free windsurfing.

Anyone who remember the 'Aints, Archie Manning, 0-14, bags on head, hail even Jim Everett will have a soft spot for the boys from New Orleans.

But whatever you do this weekend, keep in mind there are lots of ways to give back and justify your extravagant, poolside, big screen Super Bowl parties.

Here's one I particularly like.

And don't forget to close your browsers, visit Walgreen's often, and eat lots of watermelon (seriously).

Have a great weekend!


  1. My wife has not suggested any of those "ways back" during a Super Bowl party.

  2. I remember Archie Manning well. I don't think the Saints ever went 0-14(before the 16 game schedule) although it is easily checkable. Archie was drafted by the Saints in 1971, behind Jim Plunkett. Other QB's in that draft were Dan Pastorini, Ken Andersen, and Joe Theismann. It was the second best draft ever for quaterback talent behind 1983 that produced Elway, Marino, Kelly, Tony Eason, and Todd Blacklege. Archie was a great quarterback. It is ironic
    that he never played on a winning team in the NFL but his two sons have Super Bowl rings. He probably would rather have it that way. I also remember him at Ole Miss in 1969 and 1970. He was the pride of the South. I remember the start of each Ole Miss game. The fans would run out with a huge Confederate flag as if telling the North to shove it. Ole Miss was a mediocre team but Archie added a certain spice to the games that made them worth watching.

  3. Hey SFL, as the nimble wordsmith you are I thought I might (humbly) suggest you check out James Wolcott's Blog (I noticed it absent from your list of "Blog's I Read". Wolcott is one guy you don't want to get in a pissing match with (as Jonah Goldberg from the Corner realized about two years ago.) He writes like a bitchy great Dame (though he swears he's heterosexual and not that there's anything wrong with that, either). I've lifted some of his stuff and put it in my toolbox.


  4. Dems prefer Saints!

  5. Thank you 7:30, I love Wolcott -- he's catty, holds grudges, and is often hilarious -- but haven't heard much from him recently.

    Thanks for reminding me.


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