Blawg Review #253

Well it's always Spring Break in sunny South Florida, where some of our lawyers "loan" each other $18 million because that's just how we do things down here.

But let's get ready to welcome our sunburned visitors!

Although there have been many Spring Break movies set on our lovely beaches, none sum it up better than the simple "rich man/poor man/Oil man/water ski instructor" premise of Elvis' 1967 classic Clambake -- I mean where else can you see Elvis sing an entire song about a miracle polymer and also see Bill Bixby employing karate moves in a super tight Speedo?

(I told you things can get a little weird down here.)

But Spring Break is also about music, so here's some downloading advice from people who know about such things.

(And here's a person who does not know about such things).

And of course, you still need health care especially if you're rocking that Bixby bathing suit.

Has anyone considered the legal implications of our recent Florida killer whale incident -- of course ATL has.

(Longtime readers, don't worry -- I'm well aware that it was a young Bo Derek whose leg gets munched on by that strangely anthropomorphic beast in the Jaws ripoff Orca).

Is it snowing in other parts of the country? Seriously?

I totally forgot, but apparently it is.

Speaking of snow, Vancouver was pretty neat (and not just because of the Double McTwist 1260).

BTW, if you can trademark a snowboard move, I've got dibs on "fall repeatedly down the mountain like a ragdoll." Use that in your next job interview.

And of course that leads us to PI lawyers, including the masterful Eric Turkewitz who always beats the pants off me in that ABA Blawg competition.

Is there a good reason to blawg anonymously?

Maybe it's this:
Sometimes it is cowardice or fear of the consequences; sometimes it is a juvenile love of mystery.
Ouch, this is supposed to be fun, but then privacy just ain't what it used to be:
What of the leaders of the companies harvesting our online footprints, and sharing the data with the world for profit? What do they have to say about how their efforts affect our personal lives and our privacy? “If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place,” Google CEO Eric Schmidt has said.
That's comforting (not).

Maybe I should go back to a lighter subject.

Like this?

Naah, that's not our style (that reminds me, whatever happened to Greenberg Girl)?

It's South Florida, it's Spring Break, it's Blawg Review -- now let's apply that Goop!

Blawg Review has information about next week's host, and instructions on how to get your blawg posts reviewed in upcoming issues.


  1. If we are talking about great South Florida vacation/beach movies, let us not forget Some Like It Hot, which was actually filmed in San Diego. South Florida was portrayed as a land of the idle rich, crime lords, and, gasp, cross dressers!

  2. And sometimes you just need to get a bond lowered or a motion to suppress granted from a Judge who got skewered in the comments section. That's why I blog anon.

    It never ceases to amaze me: I will be sitting with a judge (holding my nose) having a cup of coffee and they will start trashing Rumpole for comment written by others in the comments section. And invariably they act as if I wrote all those comments- its as if they have NO IDEA how a blog works.

  3. Superb SFL, but what the 'hail' is a blawg review??

  4. I love anonymous blogging and I have no whiff of doubt that SFL will honor and protect our anonymity ala Judy Miller and spend months and months in the clink on general fuggin principal. we will visit him on Friday afternoons in lockup and let him tool around on our iphones until spotted by the trustees. at which time we will tell said trustee that mr. SFL must have lifted the iphone from my litigation bag whence i wasn't looking.

  5. Wow, you kicked ass this morning SFL. As always, I have some issues -- Clambake sure is a fine movie, but THE quintessential spring break film IS 1960's "Where the Boys Are" -- staring the perpetually tanned George Hamilton.

    I'll give you a pass on this one, but your honorary homo membership card will be in jeopardy if this keeps happening.

  6. Judy Miller spent months in the clink to protect her career...had she spoken, it would have been made apparent that she was acting as nothing more than a mindless mouthpiece for the Bush Administration.

    She was a disgrace to the Times...SFL may be dumb from time to time, but he is no dumb mouthpiece for others.

  7. HA HA HA HA...

    Bidding is currently at 222.50.

    Very funny ad

  8. That movie seems INSANE.

  9. Goal keeper Luongo played a solid game - 34 saves.

  10. 10:33 here-- wrong post. It's for your latina.

  11. Aaah Miami: See it like a native.

  12. The technical term is Glyko-oxy-tonic phosphate.

  13. This is The Best Blog Ever. Seriously.

    NB the review indicates that there are BLOGGERS plural.

    Whoever pinch hits whe The Man is incommunicado must be something.

  14. godwhacker said "kicked ass"

    I think he is like the synder, of this blog. Tight jeans and all.

  15. I only read his Friday "Health" posts.

  16. Revenge of the Nerds II, jackass!

  17. They Printed My Letter!!March 2, 2010 at 4:13 PM

    SFL, you got an Above the Law link!!!


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