It's Nice to Have Friends

You gotta love how they do things in Broward:
As she presided over a first-degree murder case, Broward Circuit Court Judge Ana Gardiner engaged in a close and inappropriate personal relationship with the prosecutor, a state judicial watchdog agency claimed in charges filed Wednesday.

Because of the allegations against Gardiner, the defendant in the case, who had been sentenced to death, has been granted a new trial.

From March 23 through August 24, 2007, Gardiner and then prosecutor Howard Scheinberg had 949 telephone calls and exchanged 471 text messages, according to the complaint filed by the Judicial Qualifications Commission.

Gardiner, 48, is also accused of improperly discussing and joking with Scheinberg about the case at Timpano's, an upscale Fort Lauderdale restaurant, four days before a Broward County jury returned a guilty verdict.

JAAB has tons of additional links here.


Sure it's a scandal and all, but the real question that needs to be answered immediately is this: were they friends on Facebook?

(Note to Dade County Bar -- you need a better way to link to your articles.)


  1. Gardiner will be history by the end of the week. Her conduct is way over the line. What makes it even more egregious is the fact that she was so cavalier about the whole thing to the point that she lied about events that were easily detected as not true. From what I glean from the transcript and my experience in Broward, I do not think she would have ever engaged in this conduct in a civil case. After all, this defendant is a murderer and who cares, really. No harm. No foul. That is the attitude up there. She was obviously having a romantic relationship with the prosecutor. There is no other explanation that squares with common sense. And that is what she is covering up. The JQC will remove her from the bench if she does not go voluntarily. But she is not a dumb woman. She will resign, lay low for a year, and then re-surface as counsel to some hospital or water district in Broward land. The funny thing is if this had all happened one year ago, she would have accepted a job with Scott Rothstein.

  2. while I agree with everything SLT wrote above, he missed one point that in my book absolves gardiner of all liability for her adherence to the broward judicial "code of ethics", to wit: she is HOT. Totally hot. MILF hot. She has that "come hither" look. And I mean really, peoples, faced with a fat angry white guy, or cheryl "you should go to jail with your client" aleman, don't we want the person violating the law from the bench to at least be HOT?! What's wrong with you people? What has happened to the base readership of this crappy blog? It's 8 minutes to 8 and I think I'm ging to wake and bake and call in sick

  3. @7:56

    Disclaimer: I have never seen Gardiner in person.

    Nonetheless, you need to get out more. "Totally Hot"? "MILF Hot"?

    My Guatemalan/Indian maid is hotter and she's no belle of the ball.

  4. I'd missed the story about Ross. Why am I not surprised? I get "home-towned" as a Miami lawyer in Broward more often than anywhere else in the country.

    There are a few good eggs - Streitfeld comes to mind as tough but fair - but they seem to be the exception.

  5. Her lawyer claims they never discussed the case, so no problem. Stop the witch hunt!

  6. There was just a major facebook scandal here. Well, actually here "cow gets stuck in mud" is a major scandal, but this one involved one parent posting a complaint about some practices at a local school on line, only to have those grievances forwarded to teachers and administrators. Accusations flew, people were 'unfriended' -- chaos and mayhem in the cyber-streets.

    A good rule is -- if you wouldn't put it on a bumper sticker, or where it on a t-shit, don't post it on facebook.

  7. ***wear it on a t-shirt

  8. Her status as a judicial hottie did not escape me. I have been in front of her twice on bread and butter cases. I only saw her from the neck up. From that perspective, she was definitely fantasy material and then some. However, I also remember the phrase "sitter" from my bar hopping days of the mid 70's. That would be a woman who made you drool but when she got up to dance or leave with you, you realized that she was a little more than you bargained for. I did watch her conduct a number of plea deals and the tone of her voice indicated to me that she would be an animal in the bedroom. She had that sarcastic way of talking that I find irresistible. Sure beats the hell out of sitting in Judge Moe's courtroom.

  9. Now we're talking! This blog and the comments section have finally turned back to where they should be!!

    btw...Gardiner is not that hot, but for a judge she is Shannon Tweed-esque. So, I will have to agree with 7:56.

  10. The hottest judge on the Broward circuit is Mily Rodriguez-Powell. Very, very hot.

  11. 3:38 pm - thank you for agreeing me with. However, Strawbuyer's curious link caused me to look at the hard copy of the daily business cat box liner.

    EEE GADS! what the hell is up with the beak on Ana?? Oy. can you say nushin gofrany! Yikes!

  12. Many times allegations have at least some merit. Everyone knows that Charles De Leo, Esq of Fowler White Burnett in Miami has the personality of a car accident. That is a fact more than an allegation. Others say worse, that he is just an ass. Either way, there is some truth to this as anyone who has dealt with him knows. Maybe that is why he is on the firm's management committee. CHARLES DE LEO A GREAT ASS.

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