Jude Law Spends Six Hours With Maurice Kutner!

You tell me how to read this:
Jude, who fathered the five-month-old baby girl during a fling with model Samantha Burke, met celebrity lawyer Maurice Kutner for six hours in Miami on Thursday, ahead of the summit.

A source said: "Jude was very on edge about the meeting."
I mean, wouldn't you be?

We're talking six straight unadulterated hours with Maurice Kutner, I know I would be plotzing!

(Huh, what's that? Oh, ok.)

Excuse me folks, I've just been reminded by one of my editorial assistants that perhaps Jude was not so much on edge over having to spend six hours with Maurice, but rather he was on edge over meeting his old flame and young daughter.

Interesting theory, but color me skeptical.

BTW, can you name a memorable Jude Law performance?


Cold Mountain?

I liked him alright in Alfie but that hardly justifies all the media attention.

Come on, someone help me out here.


  1. Wrong on Alfie, Caine was far superior.

  2. Kutner rocks.


  3. I know Kutner but who is Jude Law?

  4. Kutner is the reason why any divorce lawyer in Miami would want to change specialties. He is a publicity hound who gives all of us who practice family law a black eye. Kutner rocks? Don't think so. This is the guy who milks his clients and then drops them when they can't pay any more. Get real.

  5. realtime law - stop with the the sourgrapes. if you're a divorce lawyer, you're a hack to begin with.

    if you're not a divorce lawyer, you're a hater and a hack

  6. Hey 5:57. You may be joking but I am not. I have heard of Kutner but I have no clue who Jude Law is. On a more serious note, there were two very big cases argued yesterday before the supremes in Washington. One a 2d Amendment case and the second about the constitutionality of the "honest services" statute. We may be seeing an oddball alliance on the "privileges and immunities" clause between conservatives and liberals on the gun case. On the latter, keep an eye on Scalia. He is probably one of the most sympathetic justices to criminal defendants' arguments. I predict you will see some of the liberals vote to uphold the conviction and some conservatives vote to reverse the conviction.

  7. The Road to Perdition and The Talented Mr. Ripley

  8. However hard he works on that combover, it's never enough.

  9. Maurice Kutner is the finest divorce lawyer in the United States. "Realtime" obviously does not know Kutner personally, as he is one of the most humblest men I know. He does not seek out publicity. It finds him due to the people he represents so well. Jude Law is fortunate to have Kutner represent him

  10. "Most humblest"?

    Dude - go back to ATL

    This is a sophisticated blog.

  11. Jude - HIRE Palm Beach County Atty JOEL M. WEISSMAN,,,, Much better that Kutner...


  12. I agree Joel Weissman is the FINEST Family lawyer in Florida.

    The BEST of the BEST!

    The "BULLDOG" of Divorce lawyers...

  13. In my opinion, Joel Weissman is dishonest and a bully, and got his butt handed to him by my divorce attorney as Weissman pursued a fraudulent, frivolous and vexatious case. I'm still laughing about how he failed in his intimidation tactics.

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  15. I predict you will see some of the liberals vote to uphold the conviction and some conservatives vote to reverse the conviction.
    Divorce Lawyers


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