Lawyers Who Exercise.

We've come again to the topic of lawyers who discuss their exercise regimen in the newspaper.

Let me be clear -- what Bill Strop has undertaken is very admirable:
In June, Bill Strop was 40 pounds heavier, working long hours and celebrating his 41st birthday. Strop started to feel overwhelmed and unfocused. He worried that if he didn't balance work and family with exercise, he would develop health problems.

Strop joined a gym, set his alarm clock for 6 a.m. and began using a rowing machine for 45 minutes every morning. ``I'll walk into the gym with 15,000 things I'm worrying about and by the time I'm done, I have clarity.''

Strop, a lawyer with Becker & Poliakoff in Fort Lauderdale, specializing in construction defect litigation, says one obstacle for busy men is the hassle factor. It's much easier to believe you don't have time to exercise and instead sleep later or sink into the couch and watch television at night.

He has discovered that getting to the gym has to be convenient, located near the office and free and clear of parking impediments. ``Some mornings, I just don't enjoy going, but the good feeling overall outweighs the hassle and it does get easier over time.''

Ok, 45 minutes on the rowing machine is pretty good, but come on dude, step it up -- Greg Ward is an actual fitness instructor!

In fact, I would bet Greg has some fine ideas on how to complement Bill's morning row with strength-building and cardio movements (needless to say, I have my own ideas about proper exercise).


  1. This is all of a piece, and what it is a piece of is something both shoddy and dangerous. A lawyer who represents a party in a contested matter has an ethical obligation to make any and all tenable legal arguments that will help that party. A lawyer in public service, particularly one dealing with sensitive matters of national security, has the obligation to authorize any step or practice the law permits in order to keep the nation and its citizens safe. And a lawyer who undertakes to represent someone whom his neighbors--perhaps rightly--revile as a threat to the public welfare is obligated to bring his talents to bear just as forcefully in favor of that client as he would if he were representing Capt. Alfred Dreyfus, the French artillery officer who in 1895 was found guilty of treason and sent to Devil's Island for little more than being Jewish.

  2. I am sick of pudgy lawyers who are horrible athletes going to the gym, taking up time on equipment I could be using, and overall getting in the way of my view of the hot chicks in tights (like Greenberg Gal). Stay home dude - you are no athlete and you don't belong in a gym.

  3. Two words: Rogain.

  4. 10:52, yoi too will see the realtity.

  5. Finding time to work out is damn hard; I agree. I have never been able to get up early, so I work out late at night. My body is in the routine now, so I can literally run at 11 p.m. and still go to bed without being wired. May not be as healthy as doing it first thing in the morning, but with a jam-packed day and a family, I'll take whatever time on the treadmill I can get...


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