Time For A Blogger Ethics Panel!

With all the crazy and sometimes illegal doings in Broward lately, I can't believe the Broward County Bar Association has decided to devote time and effort to investigating a blog:
A Broward County Bar Association committee will meet to determine whether the legal blog JAABlog — the premiere place for courthouse gossip — meets its professional standards.

The professionalism committee plans to hold a closed-door meeting April 1 at the behest of association president Carlos Llorente.

JAABlog, run by criminal defense attorney Bill Gelin, posts quick takes on courthouse flaps, urges lawyers to run for election against incumbents, rails against a planned courthouse and calls for reform in a system that imprisons a disproportionate number of black people.

Since the blog’s launch in 2006, Gelin has become a fixture at high-profile hearings and meetings. He said he has not been told whether he will be allowed to attend the committee meeting.

Llorente said he did not really pay attention to the blog until he learned its comment section was populated by anonymous posts, ostensibly from the site’s heaviest readership: lawyers and judges.

The association’s rules of professional standards state lawyers are not allowed to criticize judges, opposing counsel, parties or witnesses because it could cast the justice system in a bad light.
Does this strike anyone else as slightly bone-headed?

Here's the proferred explanation:
“I have no problem with him being a journalist,” Llorente said. “If he wants to be an expose-type journalist, so be it. But do it as a journalist. Don’t pose as a lawyer with an inside knowledge.”

When asked what is specifically offensive about the blog, Llorente said he would withhold comment until he hears from the professionalism committee.

Let me offer a prediction: by convening such a panel the BCBA likely will do more to discredit and denigrate their own organization than anything some goofball could ever post anonymously on a blog.


  1. I see they solved all the other problems in Broward.

  2. I have it on good authority that the boy holding the record album (please see wiki if you do not understand) is none other than our own Irvin Gonzalez. And the boy standing sternly with his arms crossed, to our left of the young man holding the microphone, is Kendall Coffey. I mean, he does have a bit of an overbite, right?

  3. Well said SFL! It's like philosophical judo -- twist against something and you may end up empowering it.

  4. Yeah and the twink in the sailor hat is George Metcalfe.

  5. actually, i think the young man happy to be holding that stiff object close to his mouth, is george.

    And thats ok, mind you.

  6. with all the cesspool of problems they have in broward, the broward bar assn is going to attack the blog that covers it. It is true what they say: Broward is for Dummies (and crooks)

  7. What is really funny is that a guy with a Hispanic nickname has risen to the top of the Browierd political hierarchy....


  8. Congratulations Broward Bar. Bringing back the Star Chamber is way overdue. Now we need to weed out those lawyers who ever smoked dope or said bad things about judges at parties. Goodness, we may get lucky enough to start a new McCarthy era. Wouldn't that be nice?

  9. broward is a f*&^ing cesspool if coprruption and rascism, well established long before Dade, and it is only now being outed.

  10. Let's not forget our friends at the Miami SAO that have a hard on for certain blogs...

  11. This reads lile a joke. Are they for real? With all the problems in Broward this displays a stunning, almost unprecedented lack of judgment. They are truly their worst enemy.

  12. Charles De Leo of Fowler White Burnett in Miami should not be allowed on the panel. He should be one the panel scrutinizes. This man has no ethics. The panel should look into him with a fine tooth comb...

  13. When they outlaw blogs, only outlaws will have blogs.


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