Teabaggers Strike Back!

Let's talk about a topic I love -- teabagging.

Excuse me, "Tea Partiers."

We've previously written about the intra-teabag legal fight brewing before Judge Marra.

Now comes word that Judge Marra has set a trial date and other deadlines and defendant/lawyer Fred O'Neal has filed a summary judgment motion against the plaintiff, South Florida Tea Party, that includes some strong allegations.

Basically, Fred says he never threatened anybody with any litigation, the emails are truncated and omit important information, and besides O'Neal was just old and upset over the Gators losing to Alabama.

Hail, I was mad about that too.

So mad that -- like all good Tea Partiers -- I decided to secede from the Union and start my own heavily armed country.

So far I have asked two highly qualified candidates to serve in my administration -- in a Steven Seagal sort of way -- and once we clear up a few minor legal details (ok, restraining orders?), I've no doubt Drew and Zooey will finally join me in forming that cherished, more perfect union.
Tea Party Summary Judgment


  1. SFL, how does your wife put up with you??

  2. SFL is a big fan of Scribd.

  3. Love the action photo! I didn't know SFL wears glasses.

  4. 5:43, He has a harem of wives who dance the seven veils for the lucky bastard.

  5. The dance what a beautiful metaphor.

  6. Take a lesson all from 7:35, that's how to get the job done. Tasteful. Beautiful

    "Shake it, shake it, shake it, Salomé

    Baby please
    Baby don't say no
    Won't you dance for me
    Under the cherry tree
    Won't you swing that love

    Baby please say yes
    Baby don't go away
    You're spilling me
    And your precious love"

  7. BTW whos' in your harem sfl?

  8. Latina. Bo. George L. Metcalfe.

    Lucky bastard.

  9. Better choice for SFLs' harem girls to do the dance of the seven veils-- Achtung Baby track no. 8

  10. The new Tea Party slogan -- "Don't Tread on me while there are so many immigrants, black people, homosexuals, Muslims and Hispanics to tread on."

  11. And this gem from Bill Maher -- "The only thing they hate more than being called racists is black people."


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