11th Circuit Into This Whole "Jurisdiction" Thing.


My favorite case (ok, I take that back -- I have several) just had a fun 11th Circuit development.

Who knew?

Turns out you can't just appeal the dismissal of your lawsuit when you have been given leave to amend and in fact have filed an amended pleading:
This appeal is DISMISSED, sua sponte, for lack of jurisdiction. The district court's January 29, 2010, order, dismissing Peter Halmos's second amended complaint is neither final nor immediately appealable because it permitted him to file a third amended complaint, which is currently pending before the district court. See JUST ABOUT EVERY CASE I CAN THINK OF DEALING WITH APPEALS OF NON FINAL ORDERS.
(I'm paraphrasing that last part.)

I do love this case.


  1. Somebody, anybody......... call the shumie!

  2. A Tamarac woman wanted bigger breasts and thinner arms so badly authorities say she was willing to break the law to get them.

    Shatarka Nuby, 29, faces a credit card fraud charge after the U.S. Postal Service says she and an accomplice committed fraud so she could undergo more than $9,000 of cosmetic surgery. The accomplice posed as Nuby's cousin and paid for the surgery using a stolen identity, court records show.

    While it's rare for someone to use a pilfered identity to pay for plastic surgery, it's happened before in Broward County.

    A Fort Lauderdale woman pleaded guilty in September to stealing someone's identity to plunk down $5,000 for a tummy tuck. Patrice Thomas, 34, was sentenced to five years' probation on the credit card fraud charge.

  3. everyday is friday on the sfl blog. calling the shumie @ 3

  4. A'right I'll say it-- sixth.

  5. Hire appellate counsel.

  6. Peabo Bryson rules. We want Peabo! We want Peabo! The people have spoken.


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