Hulk Hogan Cocoa Pebbles Smackdown!

Did you hear Hulk Hogan has sued Post Cereal in the MD FL over a stupid Cocoa Pebbles ad?

You can read the complaint here.

The first 40 or so paragraphs have numerous interesting though irrelevant factoids about Hulk's career.

For example, did you know that in 1994 Hulk starred in his own TV series, Thunder in Paradise (co-starring the lovely Carol Alt)?

And, in 1995, Hulk appeared on TBN's Kids Against Crime!

What that level of detail has to do with whether or not Post used Hulk's likeness without permission, I have no idea.

Most importantly, the Hulkster's lawyer is West Palm Beach's own mighty mighty super smactacular IP megastar Joseph W. Bain!!


  1. fake Brooke HoganMay 29, 2010 at 12:33 PM

    Pay my Daddy

  2. I think he's just upset because his cartoon self was 'out manned' by Bam Bam.

  3. There is a first for this blog. Never before has the most recent post drawn fewer comments than the secondary post it displaced after the displacement. I know why. A picture of a blonde sexpot versus a post about the law. Know your audience SFL!

  4. STL-- SFL knows how to keep his readers "entertained."

    No Special Memorial Day "health" post???

  5. STL, noted.

    Ok, that's enough time in front of the computer I'm heading back into the cool cool (soon to be horribly polluted) surf....

  6. Don't you mean you're heading back to your neon inflatable plastic pool sitting out front by the van, SFL? Say hi to your latina.

  7. One of the largest A-Holes in the Miami legal community is Charles De Leo of Fowler White Burnett. This guy is a real fraud. On top of that he only knows how to defame others be it a business or, mostly, individuals, with never a kind word to say about anyone. He would defame Jesus Chirst. He belongs at the table in the photos, if he could only remove the pole which is up his ass.
    As a woman lawyer, I know he looks down upon all females, lawyer or not. If your adverse to him, he will settle, never will he try a case, never---he wont know how and cant..What a fraud....and an ass.

  8. 3:44, hate much?


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