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Judge Hoeveler Shows Mercy on Belly Dancing CyberSquatter.


Hey, I think the headline's accurate.

The Judge awarded a default judgment to Taverna Opa, which suffered the misfortune of having a former belly dancer leave the restaurant, register its domain, and then post information on the site for another Greek restaurant.

Instead of the maximum award of $100,000, the Court reduced the amount to $10,000:
Taverna Opa seeks $100,000, which is the maximum amount available, and submits that this amount is justified because of the duration of the infringement, the defendant's bad faith, and the level of harm and confusion caused. The Court notes, however, that infringing website has apparently been discontinued for sometime and that in previously seeking default judgment in this case (which was denied due to a defect in the service of process) the plaintiff requested a statutory award of $10,000. The Court concludes that this lesser amount is much more realistic and consistent with the nature of the infringement. Because Ms. Ismail has engaged in cybersquatting on a single domain name, the Court finds an award of $10,000 in statutory damages to be appropriate.
You can read the order here.

Call me old-fashioned, but $10k is still an awful lot of hummus.


  1. Real "I Dream of Jeannie" lyrics--

    Jeannie, fresh as a daisy.
    Just love how she obeys me,
    Does things that just amaze me so.

    She smiles, Presto the rain goes.
    She blinks, up come the rainbows.
    Cars stop, even the train goes slow.

    When she goes by she paints sunshine on every rafter,
    Sprinkles the air with laughter,
    We're close as a quarter after three.

    There's no one like
    Jeannie. I'll introduce her,
    To you, but it's no use, sir,
    Cause my Jeannie's in love with me.

    I Dream of Jeannie depicted the male fantasy of a beautiful but subservient girl-- hows the one in the chevy working out for ya SFL?

  2. Jeannie always got her way and wrapped the Major and everyone else around her little finger. Some fantasy.

  3. She was HOT HOT HOT.


    (1) Jeannie

    (2) Samantha

    (3) Paris

  4. According to Jonathan Alter's new book, The Promise: President Obama, Year One, French first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy once bragged to Michelle Obama that she and Nicolas kept a head of state waiting while they had sex—and then she asked Michelle if she and Barack had ever done the same. "Michelle laughed nervously and said no," Alter writes. Some think the head of state in question was the Queen of England, although the Sarkozys are famous for being late.

  5. I might be late if she were my wife

    I chose Samantha all the way...Jeannie a close second. Paris not even worth the time.

  6. Paris Hilton????????

    A witch and a genie-- comparing cats to dogs.

  7. Jeannie Trivia-- Barbara Eden's real life husband Michael Ansara appeared as the Blue Djinn.

  8. Ah, to remember when 10k was a lot of money...

    "By the time you're my age, gas will be a dollar a gallon." - Jim

  9. Best episode--
    Tony complains Jeannie is constantly getting him into trouble and never having read it-- Tony gives her a copy of Arabian Nights and tells her to do what the genies in it do, and insists she follow. The results, for Tony--disastrous.

  10. Actually 2:42, I kinda liked Jeannie's twin sister -- the "bad" one.

  11. SFL, you are a true historian! I totally forgot about the evil twin...I just looked her up...gotta say I still go with Jeannie. Although the twin may be a satisfactory replacement ;)

  12. wouldnt choose Samantha- she comes with an over bearing mortal hating mother.
    jeannie on the other hand only has an evil cousin.

    two girls for everyone.....

    btw sfl-- the one you hold up in the chevy is ahem, "bad?"

  13. she was not a twin-- a cousin

  14. Cousin smosin, I likey likey the Jeannie.

  15. Not cousin. It was her sister named Jeannie II.

  16. Sometimes I liked both of them together at the same time.

  17. The "bad one?" SFL likey-likey his gals baddie-baddie. What do you to punish your bad Chevy girl SFL?

    BTW-- The best episode was guest Paul Lynde

  18. 3:49- So do most sultans.

  19. Is it master or sultan?

  20. Major Nelson: Jeannie's turned against me.

    Major Healey: She can't turn against you. Your her master. She has to obey you.

    Major Nelson: Yeah, who says so?

    Major Healey: I don't know, maybe it's in the genie manual.

    Major Nelson: Then how come she's deliberately disobeyed me?

    Major Healey: Maybe she wasn't issued a genie manual.

    @3:54-- Paul Lynde was good. Larry Storch was better. Did OJ ever make an appearance? Can't remember.

    In the heat of passion "bad chevy girl" must call him 'oh master, oh master...."

  21. Time Magazine reported man fantasizes about sex every seven sec. Thanks to SFL and his blog that has been decreased to 4 sec. and on Fridays-- two sec.

    @3:54~ I would have said SFL punishes by playing Bolero all night but how is that punishment? It is Eden. Lucky bastard.

    @ 4:05~ Not sure if he appeared but in an episode titled, "Jeannie at the Piano" Major Nelson makes this comment :"I love music. I also like football, but I don't want you to turn me into O.J. Simpson."

    Most topnotch episode– "Jeannie Goes To Honolulu. " Don Ho is to the highest degree, excellent.

    RIP Tiny Bubbles

  22. Permission to ask question Master? If ‘windsurfing’ is Eden, what is the chevy?

    [BTW-- Ted Cassidy, better known as Lurch from "The Addams Family" appears in the episode]

  23. Commenter diagnosis: too many funny mushrooms.

  24. How many recall when the show aired in b&w or when one out of the five members from the Rat Pack made an appearance?

    OJ, never. Phil Spector, absolutely

    fake sidney sheldon

  25. Glenn Garvin Fan: What was the instrument used to create Jeannie's blink effect?

    Glenn 'No. 1' Garvin: It's believed that they used a Jew's Harp. The 'boing' was then manipulated and transformed into other versions. Some cockeyed or warped horribly to signify a foul blink, or a physical ailment. The sound created by Jeannie's appearing in a cloud of smoke was the sound of a fire extinguisher through a mixture of sound filters. The high pitched chiming was a warped and accelerated chord on an electric organ.

    It ain't the mushrooms. This blog gives off a buzz.

  26. Its the "bad" ones that always make you feel so good.

  27. 7;31 is not too far off with his comment. The ones that appear to be goodie-good are sometimes really baddie-baddie. I like BAD girls . . . . who know how to act "nice".

    Glenns' only fan is himself and the only mushrooms he knows are Stuffed Mushroom Caps.

  28. Why not find a good girl who knows when and how to be bad? Best of both worlds.

  29. fake Doctor BombayMay 10, 2010 at 8:49 PM

    too many billable hours.

  30. Colonel Dr. Alfred BellowsMay 10, 2010 at 10:08 PM

    If 'windsurfing' takes place in the chevy-- wouldnt that make the chevy a place called Eden?
    The chevy-- magic carpet ride.

  31. Hands down this blog is the best!

    Either SFL wears bell bottoms, polyester shirt and platforms and channels David Cassidy in the van while taking tokes on the hookah pipe or he wears the traditional Ali Baba garb, sits on sequin pillows and enjoys the view.

  32. 3:00, wrong. If you watched the show you'd know Tony was the only person who knew Jeannies' secret. As the show progressed he let Roger in on who Jeannie really was. Whenever someone dropped by Tony would order Jeannie back into her bottle. In many episodes no one was even aware Jeannie' existed.

    Dont worry SFL I hear the Prince of Arabia look is making a comeback.

  33. SFL - is this the most trafficked post ever?

    To put a legal twist on it...could the Major have been convicted of kidnapping when he corked the bottle?

  34. As an opinionated, critical feminist, things in the media tend to make me want to puke. I Dream of Jeannie is no exception- how can any good come out of a TV show which features a half-dressed woman with magical powers who's existence is centered upon her "master." Regardless, the episode "My Turned-On Master" caught my attention the other day. I was pleasantly surprised with the messages of feminism which slipped their way into the show. The episode was about Jeannie giving her powers to Captain Nelson for 24 hours in order to attend a formal dinner with him. The trick is that he doesn't know he holds the power of magic for half the episode. While still unaware of his power, he talks about Jeannie being a silly girl who doesn't know enough to do anything meaningful or good with her power. He goes on to say that he would be able to make the entire world better with magic; he could end war, drought, ect. Then, when Jeannie breaks the news that he has her powers, he turns into a jerk. He tells her he will finally be able to save the world, and shoos her away. The best line occurs when Captain Nelson tells Jeannie to leave him to do "men's work" to which she replies, " "It was women's work when I was doing it." In the end, she laughs at his self-righteous and simple understanding of the problems of the world, and he ends up losing his magical abilities.
    I really enjoyed the perspective of this episode. While men are viewed as more capable as political leaders than men by our culture, I Dream of Jeannie shows how a more feminine approach is a sign of intelligence and experience. Captain Nelson embodies the masculine attitude of "knowing it all" and "knowing what to do." Unfortunately, much of what is done with this attitude is harmful, and Jeannie explaines this to him. Jeannie, on the other hand, represents the feminine traits of thoughtfulness and patience.

  35. SFL to his chevy baddie girl:

    "Sheik Your Moneymaker Baby! Dance and entice and me."

    C'mon harem girls are sexy! The sequin bra top with hanging coin accent, sheer matching skirt with coins, arm covers and veil, dancing while maintaining eye contact with their master.

  36. I will tell you what I know:

    Jeannie was one hot tamale!

    I don't care if she had magic or not, I would totally date her.

    Now go burn your bra.

  37. IMHO a short skirt can seduce men more than a swimsuit. Why? Because covering the top of the legs (just) sets off the man's imagination. Intention and context make the eroticism, not the amount of exposed skin. This is what made the 'dance of the seven veils' so seductive and titillating. I myself would love having an exotic harem girl dance and seductively remove one veil at a time until she falls naked into my arms.

    Can I borrow the chevy SFL?

  38. @9:27, Thread killer.

  39. burn your bra-- most of those gals dont wear deodorant and prefer to let it all hang out.

  40. I'm quite flexible-- I'd settle for a girl wearing just a swimsuit and a veil.

  41. 10:22- how about just a thong and a veil?

  42. Wow, you never know what hits on this blog.

  43. Forget the thong, forget the swimwuit. A sheer veil will just do. Rock the chevy.

    The best one-- Tony being captured by Red Chinese spies.

  44. Darren was a bigger asshole than Tony.

    What is the decor of the van SFL? Arabian Nights influence or Disco?

  45. Geez-- talk about popping the cork on the comment thread!

    Not that Samantha wasn't hot but Jeannie was way hotter. You couldn't help but love her while her poor master suffered breakdown after nervous breakdown due to her magical incompetence.

    Jeannie will forever be immortalized in our minds as the energetic and gleeful Jeannie who appeared in a puff of pink smoke to serve her masters every command.....The real truth why SFL takes 'puffs' on the hookah.

  46. I Dream of jeannie was more a man's fantasy show-- gorgeous woman, scantily clad, to wait on you hand and foot. SFL what about the gal on Green Acres-- doesn't the hot farmer girl float your boat?

  47. a sexy bubbly genie or a witch? Jeannie wins!

  48. 11:52-- Samantha was NOT Hot.

  49. 12:31, if you mean the three sisters popping out of the water tower on Petticoat Junction, guilty as charged!

  50. show mix up- you are indeed correct,sir- petticoat junction.

  51. Whoever runs this blog-- well done. Its' bitching.

    Who was the better Darren-- Dick York or Dick Sargent?

    BTW- Endora was hawt.

  52. Endora = Not HOT

    Samantha = Super HOT

    Jeannie = Supper HOT

  53. What straight man doesn't want to see a girl dressed in a harem~genie girl outfit
    prancing around his home? I Dream of Jeannie~ good show and still better than some of the crap that airs today.

    SFL is that the reason you keep on taking tokes on the hookah- you hoping a gorgeous female materializes from the smoke cloud?

  54. SUPER HOT HOT- Aunt Hagatha- Sam's aunt. Auntie blows Jeannie and Samantha out of the water.

  55. Id love to see SFL walk into court wearing MC Hammer pants with harem girl by his side and when the judge doesnt side with him, SFL orders harem girl to work her magic. Harem girl crosses his arms and blinks, just like Jeannie and sends judge far away.

  56. correction- crosses her arms.

  57. BTW @ 3:30- WTF are you smoking?

    Can anyone blink Broward Courthouse away?

  58. By way of the JBB I visit and come in peace and, with a message-- One day this blog will be immortalized.

    @9:52/11:52am- Nice.

  59. Samantha was a hot looking mama but c’mon– Jeannie TOTALLY HOTTER! Take a look at the way genies/belly dancers have been portrayed throughout history– paying particular attention in their ability to seduce a man by coiling their bodies dancing or with only a stare.

    Azuri: It's you - the one with the face!

    Benjy Kidd: It's you - the one with the body!

    My desert is waiting. Dear,
    Come there with me.
    I'm longing to teach you
    Love's sweet melody.
    I'll sing a dream song to you,
    Painting a picture for two.

    BTW- What do you vision sex would be like with a harem girl? Thoughts?

  60. fake george berkeleyMay 11, 2010 at 7:27 PM

    George REALLY likes this blog.

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  66. Glenn Garvin Fan: What was the instrument used to create Jeannie's blink effect? Glenn 'No. 1' Garvin: It's believed that they used a Jew's Harp. The 'boing' was then manipulated and transformed into other versions. Some cockeyed or warped horribly to signify a foul blink, or a physical ailment. The sound created by Jeannie's appearing in a cloud of smoke was the sound of a fire extinguisher through a mixture of sound filters. The high pitched chiming was a warped and accelerated chord on an electric organ. It ain't the mushrooms. This blog gives off a buzz.


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