Kagan! (Yawn)

I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day and pampered that special someone this weekend (no, I don't mean yourself).

So, Kagan.

Not surprisingly (to swlip, at least) I share Greenwald's concerns, but that's just the way Obama is. Steadfast compromise for no apparent gain seems to be his M.O., and yet to some degree it appears to be working. But it's not exactly the best way to fire up the base.

Daubert much? A friend passed along this helpful link so you can reminisce about how much simpler and easier it was when all we had to worry about was Frye.

Remember O.J. McDuffie? Eight years on but he just was awarded $11.5 million in a malpractice case against prominent Dr. John Uribe, the team physician for the Dol-rudes.

Uribe -- surprise! -- called the verdict "a travesty."

Mazel Tov, Lewis Tein attorney Bill Lewis -- what a romantic story!

Finally, RIP dear sweet Lena Horne.


  1. Pampering-- the kids nowadays call it 'self exploration' without the fear of going blind.

  2. Theres' a rumor floating around SFL-- Friday you will be buying everyone lunch and drinks at Loggia? Any truth?

  3. RIP Lena.

    @9:51- may I bring a plus 1?

  4. Know Your HistoryMay 10, 2010 at 10:07 AM

    She became the top-earning black performer in Hollywood by 1945, playing lucrative nightclub gigs and gaining popularity among both white and black G.I.'s during World War II, who often kept pictures of her in their footlockers. While doing U.S.O. tours, she openly criticized the treatment of black troops, which earned her a rebuke from the organization. She secretly married white arranger/conductor Lennie Hayton in 1947, and she claimed that the combination of her U.S.O. comments and friendships with such left-leaning civil-rights figures as singer Paul Robeson got her blacklisted in Hollywood, preventing her from working for nearly a decade after her MGM contract lapsed in 1950.

  5. How about a Justice who ran a law practice and had to balance a payroll?

  6. In Re Kagan:
    1. Diversity. There will now be 7 justices from Harvard and two from Yale. 6 Catholics and 3 Jews. None held elective office and Kagan will be the first in 38 years (Rehnquist) who was never a judge.
    2. In response to 10 28. Roberts is the only judge to have been in private practice although Ginsburg worked for the ACLU. The last judge confirmed who had extensive experience in private practice was Rehnquist. I do not believe this attribute has any significance.
    3. The Supreme Court Justices are all cut from the same cloth/pedigree. High SAT's/LSAT's, law review, language, habits, etc. Ask each of them the names of the top prep schools in Washington, Boston, and New York, and they will rattle them off the way most of us rattle off the Yankee starting lineup of the early 60's.
    4. Kagan will sail through her confirmation hearing. Want to know why? Read this: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/2010/05/09/elena_kagan_blank_slate_234000.html.

  7. I can't wait to hear the new ads for Uribe's practice.

  8. Is this Obama's Harriet Miers? Just asking. The nepotism in Washington is at it's usual peak. With all the great choices out there, this one seems based on proximity rather than substance.

    Given the amount of conservative opposition she is likely to face, it would be an easy thing for progressives to join with them and derail this appointment. Whether or not that is called for still remains to be seen.

    @10:01 -- she will live forever in the ether, but here in the real world, we lost one of the greats.

  9. SFL's favorite Holocaust survivor....


  10. RIP Lena. She always seemed like a class act.

    Re: Kagan

    What's laughable is the notion that Obama compromises with Republicans rather than moderates within his own party. How many Republicans voted for the Obamacare bill, after all? Obama didn't need them to ram his bill through Congress, so it was the Blue Dogs who nixed the public option.

    I also find myself (oddly enough) in agreement with Greenwald. If Kagan is a cipher, or a "stealth" nominee, it's only because this very cynical administration wants to give its moderate wing some cover for the upcoming mid-terms.

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