SFL Friday -- Demon Seed and Milkshakes Edition

Hi kids, it's too nice outside to sit in front of a computer, so I'm bringing all my drafts, cases, discovery requests -- oh hail I'm packing gin, a waterproof camera, various windsurfing accessories and Ravel, who am I kidding?

So the eggheads have finally created synthetic life:

The genome pioneer J. Craig Venter has taken another step in his quest to create synthetic life, by synthesizing an entire bacterial genome and using it to take over a cell.

Dr. Venter calls the result a “synthetic cell” and is presenting the research as a landmark achievement that will open the way to creating useful microbes from scratch to make products like vaccines and biofuels. At a press conference Thursday, Dr. Venter described the converted cell as “the first self-replicating species we’ve had on the planet whose parent is a computer.”

“This is a philosophical advance as much as a technical advance,” he said, suggesting that the “synthetic cell” raised new questions about the nature of life.

Since my reference points are almost entirely TV, film, book, or music-related, this of course means that the synthetic being immediately wants to canoodle with Julie Christie.

Speaking of horrific half-human/half-synthetic entities, none other than Aubrey O'Day will be shaking her milk for charity at Mansion tonight.

But can that compete with a bunch of well-meaning out-of-shape lawyers fixing up a run-down school?

Actually, I'll take the out-of-shape lawyers.

Whatever you do, do something meaningful and other-directed this weekend.

And of course, always try to ignore the stats, consider taking a vacation at home, and remember, being a mommy is a beautiful thing.

Have a great weekend, folks!


  1. Stick to adrienne Barbeau references. Still the better MILF by far.

    O yeah- 4:19- calling the Shumie.

  2. SFL, are you going to clean up the school tomorrow?

  3. Warren Beatty, that bastard!

  4. My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!

  5. And their like
    It's better than yours,
    Damn right it's better than yours,
    I can teach you,
    But I have to charge

    I can see youre on it,
    You want me to teach thee
    Techniques that freaks these boys,
    It can't be bought,
    Just know, thieves get caught,
    Watch if your smart,

    La la-la la la,
    Warm it up,
    La la-la la la,
    The boys are waiting,


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